Best Gifts for Men

Do your family and yourself a big favor and tell them what the best gifts for men are.

Most men think unselfishly. When someone asks you what you want, instead of saying, oh, whatever you want to get me is fine, tell them what you want. It is much simpler for them and you may actually get something you can use.

If you have no ideas for yourself because you have been thinking wrong for so many years, here is a short list to get you thinking:

Best Gifts for Men:

1) Small pocketknife. I am at the point where I always carry a knife like the one below. It is so handy and useful, I feel funny without it. These knives are small so they do tend to get lost over time and they wear out because they are not heavy duty. So having a few extras is not a problem.

2) Screwdriver that fits on a key chain. This tool is really nice. It is small and does not take up a lot of room in your pocket.

Or your could try this one -

3) Front pocket wallet. I like the security of keeping my wallet in my front pants pocket. This wallet is slim and as long as you do not overload it with cards it will not be overly bulky. Of course, it is nice o be bulky if it is stuffed with cash. There is no way I am going to let a pickpocket steal my most important possession. I usually buy this type of wallet -

4) Fleece sweatshirts. Whoever invented fleece was a brilliant man. Just make sure people know your size.

5) Lounge pants that are not too heavy. I do not like to lounge around in real heavy sweatpants, that is more like work to walk around in heavy pants. Lounging should be relaxing, not working. If you are cold, turn up the heat or get under a blanket.

6) Coffee. Coffee, especially the better brands, is so nice to have in stock. I used to only drink coffee at home on the weekends. But now that I am getting up real early to do things for me I drink coffee at home during the week. It is a special treat to drink fresh coffee early in the morning while I am working on my life.

7) Sausage. Who doesn't like the sausage that comes in the gift boxes at Christmastime? Sausage is expensive, so getting it as a gift is really nice.

8) Cheese. I like to eat cheese every day, but I am from Wisconsin. I think it is healthier as a snack than chips and candy bars.

9) Your favorite brand of beer or alcohol. You are going to be buying this stuff for yourself, so getting it from someone else is doubly nice.

10) An Amazon gift card.

11) A gift card to where you like to go. This shows if people even know you at all.

12) Thick, comfortable socks. You want all cotton socks and/or wool blend socks. Avoid polyester. I would rather get one pair of really good socks than a dozen cheaper pairs.

13) Boxer shorts. Try to steer people to the department stores for all cotton boxers with a band on the top. The type without the band is not very good and the cheap boxers that are not all cotton are just so uncomfortable

14) White t-shirts. Again, make sure people know your size. These t-shirts get stained with repeated use and need to be replaced often.

15) Coffee cup with a picture of your children. When your kids are young, this may be one of the best gifts for men ever. Having a picture of your children at the office on your coffee mug will give you a reason to keep working.

These things I can always use. I am always replacing these things as they wear out. I love getting gift cards to places I am going to spend money anyway.

Let's face it, as a man, no one is that interested in giving you gifts. You are the one supplying all the money for the gifts and the one doing most of the buying. Even if your wife is doing the shopping, you are doing the paying. You need to give people the ideas of what you could use that does not cost that much. The ideas above do not cost that much. But the best part is that even though they do not cost that much, you will really like to get them because these things are all so handy and great to use. They are the best gifts for men that I can come up with.

You can refer your family to this page. If you do not get any of these things for Christmas, just get them for yourself right after. You will be glad you did.

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