Why Will Prosperous Spending
Improve Your Life

I love the idea of prosperous spending as explained by Dr. Joe Vitale and Randy Gage. They talk about spending money as a good thing rather than a bad thing. They are huge proponents of buying things and experiences to anchor in how you feel about yourself.

After decades of not doing this, now I am. I am spending money on myself for things I really want and I feel no guilt. Much of my life I have felt guilt whenever I spend money on myself and even worse, I would continuously deny myself.

This new way of thinking, prosperous spending, is really a self esteem boosting way of thinking. You spend money on yourself without guilt because you deserve it. You are worth it. You matter.

I prefer paying for experiences and for things that make my life better and more interesting. I think people really enjoy their memories of what they did rather than what they have. I think that having a pocket full of money is one of the best experiences you can have. Your options are not as narrow.

Prosperous Spending on Little Things

Sometimes it takes just a little more money for some quality stuff to make the experience better. Like:

• One new shirt when you are going out for the evening.

• New hiking boots when you are going on a hiking trip.

• Popcorn with butter at the movies.

• Your favorite soda in a bottle on a scenic drive.

• The large meal at the restaurant.

• Buying a drink for the girl you just met at the bar.

• Another ride for the kids at the carnival.

• A bigger tip for the good service.

• A perfectly organized beach bag for going to the beach, the pool or boating.

• A well stocked grill box for a better, more relaxed grilling experience.

• A new shirt for your favorite team when you are at the sporting event.

• An extra scoop of ice cream at the ice cream shop.

• A large latte instead of a small coffee.

• Paying for parking rather than walking a long way.

• Fast internet service.

The extra cost for the list above is not that much more. But way too often we deny ourselves even these little things. As if by not paying an extra dollar or two will actually make a difference in our finances. We are led to believe that the road to a good life of wealth is one paved with denial of a few good things.

I think that we see so many articles about saving money by denying ourselves is that it is easy to not spend rather than create more abundance by actually doing something of value that someone wants to pay you for. Continually telling people they are wasteful and selfish is also a classic way of controlling you.

I do not buy that argument anymore. I find myself enjoying my life a lot more by just spending a little more on the good things of life and on what I really want.

It is true that charging your credit cards for the little things every day, day in and day out without paying them off will not help your finances. But this problem is solved by just using cash.

Prosperous Spending on Big Things

Sometimes spending a lot more is required to really make your life better. Like:

• First class airplane tickets.

• A large comfortable car instead of a small rattletrap.

• A really comfortable bed.

• A comfortable recliner.

• A bigger house.

• A second home.

• Getting a divorce.

You should spend your money on what YOU want. You do not need to deny yourself your entire life. You do not need to spend your entire life never getting the things you want or having the experiences you want to have.

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