Luxury Gifts for Men

Luxury Gifts for men? Shouldn't men just suffer with nothing? Shouldn't men just give and give and give some more? Maybe you think that way. I used to, but not anymore. I believe it is my right to live as great a life as possible. I matter just as much as anyone else. So, I am working on giving these gifts to myself.

Best Luxury Gifts for Men

1) Time to think alone and in comfortable surroundings. It is hard to think in a cubicle at work. It is hard to think if your wife is nagging you. It is hard to think if your kids are squabbling. It is hard to think sitting on a hard chair. It is hard to think when you are engaged in very hard physical work. That is why it is such a luxury. Having the time and comfort is hard. Life does not just give you this time and this comfort, you have to obtain it yourself. I make sure I have a comfortable recliner in my home. I make sure all the chairs in my home are comfortable. I make sure I am left alone at work in an office to not only do my work, but think. I left my wife when I could not bear her nagging and her abuse. I get up early so I have time to myself before my kids get up. I do whatever I can to ensure there is peace and harmony in my home with my kids. I avoid long, physically taxing work.

2) Being left alone to do what you want. I structure my life so as to avoid all the negative issues of others as much as possible. I have left the biggest negative person behind, my wife. I purposely go through life with the idea of being happy and not having to deal with people I do not like.

3) Big recliners. Your life is transformed to pure comfort in a recliner. No piece of furniture is as masculine as a recliner. Your life will never be yours if you do not have one in your home. If your wife does not allow you to have a recliner, you are basically a slave to her desires.

4) A comfortable bed.

5) Big vehicles. The thought of squeezing into tiny cars to save gas for future generations just enrages me. Why do they matter more than we do?

6) Strong furniture. I cannot stand the embarrassment of breaking furniture because I am a big man. I want big, strong furniture that is well made and lasts a long time.

7) Tables you can get your legs under. The one-size fits all table only fit little people.

8) Clothes that fit. Why does a man have to squeeze into small sizes that look and feel ridiculous? Get the right sized clothes.

9) If you are going to buy something for a man, get what he can really use, a Gift Card. A man knows what the best luxury gifts for men are. He know what he wants and needs.

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