Best Inventions for Men

Men have been creating things since the beginning. Some of the best inventions for men have been created in the not so distant past.

I know you have your list of what you think is the best. But there is no way you can look at my list and not agree without these inventions our lives would be hopelessly irritating and even worthless.

Without these brilliant inventions men have created, all of us would be suffering and would not even be alive. They are that important.

We owe our lives to the genius inventors, scientist, innovators, capitalists and engineers for these things.

Thank you.

Best Inventions for Men

1) THE CAR. Far and away the best thing ever. The car gives man the potential for freedom. You can always tell a person who believes in restricting other people's freedom. They will be against the car. These are the ones who so strongly support mass transit. The ones who believe in spending millions on trains and trolleys. The ones who demonize the car and the bigger cars that are so important to a freedom loving lifestyle. These are the ones who cry for little electric cars that only go a few hundred miles before they need a recharge. Can you believe that? I have driven 800 miles in a day in some vacations. I am sure many men have driven more than that. Driving all day and all night is something that can be done and is even fun and sometimes necessary. These are the ones who say we need to save oil for future generations. As if we living right now do not matter. I matter, you matter. We can let the future generations figure it out as they go just as we are doing now. The powers in control will use this think of the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren strategy all the time. They play to our emotions by thinking that future generations will all be helpless children instead of smart, strong, resilient adults. It is a way to control you. You just take care of your children when they are small. you do not have to worry about future generations.

2) THE CELL PHONE. I love my cell phone. I do not even have a land line anymore. Why do I need one? I can talk to the people I love and like anytime, anywhere. I do not have to run to the phone. I can do business anywhere and anytime. I do not need to write down all kinds of numbers, I just put the numbers in the phone. The cell phones have all kinds of good services such as voice mail and contact lists. I can keep in touch with the most important people in my life easily.

3) THE LAPTOP COMPUTER. Computers in general are wonderful and laptops are particularly great. I can sit in my easy chair and do all my computing. In fact, I have written thousands of words while sitting with my feet up in my easy chair and sipping some coffee. I do not need to sit at a desk with a boss looking over my shoulder. I can go to the coffee shops and do my work. I am not tied to a big computer on a desk.

4) THE INTERNET. I love to surf the internet. It is so big and so vast, so interesting. It is like a huge frontier to be explored. I love how we can all add to this resource on a continuous basis. I love how anyone can be empowered to get their ideas out. You do not have to have any high powered connections or huge sums of money.

5)POWER TOOLS. You can build anything yourself with the right power tools. You do not have to be a master craftsman. With a few power tools you can build a shed, a garage, even a house.

These best inventions for men make everyone's life far better.

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