Signs of Low Self Esteem

Here are the signs of low self esteem or when you think you do not matter:

1) You stay in relationships that are not good for you.

2) You eat too much to deaden the pain.

3) You do not sleep enough and are chronically tired.

4) You do not look forward to a better future, you just want to die young.

5) You think because some people are better at certain things then they must be a better person than you.

6) You think because some people are better at certain things then they deserve success and you don't.

7) You think you have to keep doing whatever it is you are doing now.

8) You are afraid of change.

9) You are afraid of what other people will say.

10) You are afraid of what other people will even think.

11) You think people in authority have the right to tell you what to do.

12) You think your family or your friends or your wife has a right to tell you what to do.

I think the root cause of all human suffering is massive numbers of people with low self esteem thinking they do not matter.

The only cure is to do the exact opposite. You have to think you do matter.

If the cure to low self esteem is so simple why don't we do this?

We don't because we have been systematically brainwashed our entire lives to not think properly. I believe that it is not in the interest of the people in power for us to feel good about ourselves. I think they want us to have low self esteem.

If you actually look at what is happening and has happened in the past you will see that the other people we look at as authority has been actively putting us down and keeping us in our place all this time. They use every conceivable trick and device to do this. From extreme violence, to massive poverty, to tricks in the media, to propaganda from governments and religion.

Why do they do this?

It is obvious to me that they need us to have low self esteem to keep the massive power over us and to enrich themselves at the expense of all of us.

They are not like you and I. You and I are not that interested in having power over millions of people. You and I are not interested in stealing wealth from others. You and I are not interested in telling lies to people to keep them in their place. You and I are not interested in killing some people to give our people something to do. You and I are not interested in doing wrong and forcing others to have low self esteem.

You and I are interested in our own lives.

We want to have power over ourselves and our lives. We want to be able to stop eating so much. We want to stop drinking, smoking, eating, and drugging ourselves into an early grave. We want to stop working at something that gives us no joy. We want to avoid relationships with crummy people and get into great relationships that bring us happiness.

We want to be alpha males. We want a great life, free from stress, worry, shame and humiliation. Where we are not constantly bombarded with all the stupid reasons life has to be this stupid way.

It is my belief that some men, who are the modern alpha males, have stepped away from all the ridiculous nonsense that we are constantly force fed. These men are living out a life free of low self esteem and actively living their lives exactly how they want to.

A modern alpha male is not a king lording over a bunch of minions who laugh at his jokes and do what he says.

Who likes that kind of life?

No, the kind of life I am talking about is nothing like that. My kind of an ideal life is me with as much freedom as possible to live my life, my way. I am not interested in having a bunch of guys that I lord over and who laugh at my non-funny jokes. I want a free lifestyle where I am alone to live as I want and the time I spend with friends is how I have always spend time with them.

When I am with my friends I like to think of us as we are all alphas. There is not one who is the boss and we are all lap dogs doing what he says.

No, we each may take that role briefly from time to time. But it is more that we are equals.

I have read about the so-called alpha males who have a bunch of friends who are less than he is. That type of friendship is just lame.

We can all be alphas. That is my point. We can move ourselves up a notch or a lot of notches in the alpha belt.

I think you will see that alpha males tend to shun the normal things that most people think are right.

The alpha males seem to live their lives oblivious to what normal men do.

I think back to the times when I acted most alpha. Those were great times. These times had mostly to do with women. Meeting them and seducing them and getting into bed with ridiculous ease and speed. Sometimes when I think back to those days I am astonished. It is unbelievable.

But the more I think back to those times the more I realize I was acting as an alpha male acts. And the women noticed. They noticed and did what I wanted. They did what I wanted because it was what they wanted also. They wanted to be seduced by an alpha male. It was me at that time.

You can do this too. I am continually working on myself, both physically and mentally to become this way permanently.

I used to think that the reason I did so well with women at that time was something outside myself. I thought it was the friends I was with. I thought it was the places we were at. I thought it was because I had the exact right amount of alcohol. I thought it was the weather. I thought it had everything to do with circumstances.

But that is not correct.

It had everything to do with me being an alpha male with high self esteem and self confidence for those times and doing what I wanted.

I just did what I wanted. I approached women and started talking. I approached women and started dancing with them. I approached women and did all kinds of things. These were all just crazy things I did and the women loved all these things. It did not seem to matter what I did or what I said, only that I did and said things.

Can you understand that idea deep in your mind? Can you understand that in order for you to live the alpha male life you just have to do things and say things and live in a manner that you want?

You do not have to complicate life so much. You do not have to memorize all kinds of lines. You do not have to worry so much about how you look and what you wear.

You just do.

As Yoda says, there is no try - just do.

When you are an alpha male you mostly do what is right for you and you only. You do not care what other people say or do or might say or might do. You just act, think and do what you want.

You are not bound by laws, regulations, society or convention.

You do what you want. Your confidence is very high and low self esteem is the farthest thing from your mind.

You will understand that you will bump into laws, regulations and people who enforce these and have to deal with that. You understand that most people are stuck in that world. But that is not your world.

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