Selfishness is Good?

Selfishness is a good quality to have in spite of what you always hear.

To find the reason that it is so good you have to look deeper into what it really means.

It means that you matter. It means you are important. It means that you, as a person, have worth.

If you just think of it the opposite way you will see exactly how by not being selfish lives are destroyed.

If you are unselfish then by logical reasoning you do not matter. You are not important and you have no worth.

Can you see how being unselfish is so ridiculous? It makes no sense. The only way it makes sense is for the most selfish people to get massive amounts of the rest of us to believe that being unselfish is a virtue instead of a stupid way to think.

If you are unselfish you will think that the best thing for you to do is what other people tell you to do. You will go to war and kill who they say kill and be shot at for the trouble.

You will continue to give up vast amounts of your money and freedom to the government. After all you are so unselfish.

You will continue to remain in dysfunctional relationships staying married to the wrong person who, even though you do not love this person anymore, you married her and now you have to stay married no matter what.

Can you start to see how being this way is so unhealthy? How it is really a word only meant to get you to do what is not good for you?

That is what it really is. A way to get you to do what is not good for you.

When you call someone selfish you are really just using guilt to get the person to do what you want him to do. Now is that right? Are you doing a good thing? Is whoever calling you this doing right?

To me, it is obvious that calling someone selfish to get them to do what you want is wrong.

I have suffered my entire length trying not to be selfish. I cannot pinpoint when I changed from being a selfish baby to a very unselfish person who put what I wanted aside and let others dictate my life.

The list of being unselfish is so long and has caused me so much pain and has caused my life to have so much misery.

The cure to a life of despair is to put the stupid ideas aside and think better of yourself.

You matter, just as much as anyone else. You are not here to take orders, be pushed around and sacrifice your life for others.

The idea that you are is just so wrong. Of course, we are continually fed this garbage on a continuous basis. You go to church and are made to feel guilt for something that may not have even happened 2000 years ago.

We are told we have to save the planet for the future and save energy for our grandchildren. As if our grandchildren are more important than we are. This talking about future generations is just a way to guilt you into giving up your power. If you feel bad about following your dreams and doing what you want to today, you will not squawk so loud about paying taxes and being overly regulated.

Yes, our grandchildren are important. But so are you.

The planet has been here for eons. I think it will be fine. The idea that you are doing something to hurt the planet is just stupid. Pollution does not hurt the planet. It may hurt the people on the planet, but the planet will be fine.

I clean up after myself. I clean up my messes. But not to save the planet, because I like it nice and neat. Besides the only way to clean up pollution is with the technology that comes from technology.

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