Waking Up and
Self Esteem Building

What does waking up and self esteem building mean to you?

Do you just think about waking up in the morning?

Or do you think about waking up as seeing your entire life in a different way?

That is the kind of waking up I am interested in.

I believe, because of the internet, that the world is on the brink of something great. The internet is making it possible for more and more people to think that they matter.

How do I know this? Because this is what happened to me. I woke up to a miserable life and the internet made it possible for me to escape that misery and live a vastly far better life.

Prior to my internet searching I was just foundering around in a marriage that was not good for me. I did not think I mattered. I thought everyone else mattered more than I did.

But I have come to realize that my old way of thinking was entirely wrong. Not just a little wrong, but entirely wrong.

The more I studied and read. The more research I did. The more time I spent thinking about this sort of thing, the more I realized that I did matter. The type of work I did on myself was a form of self esteem building. It was realizing that I am important.

My life matters to me. My life is the most important thing to me. My life, my happiness, my goals, my fulfillment are the most important thing to me.

I was not born to be a cog in another persons plans.

I was not born to hear verbal abuse from my wife.

I was not born to just be an employee.

I was not born to just follow orders, rules, laws and regulations.

I was not born to do this and to do that.

I was born because I matter. I matter to me.

This was a massive shift in my thinking. It was a massive self esteem building exercise.

I know that I am talking a lot about I in this article, but what I am really saying is that YOU matter. You matter to you.

Does anyone even get that?

You are not here to sacrifice. You are not here to be a good soldier and kill who you are told to kill and get killed for the trouble.

You are not hear to be abused by anyone, even your family.

You are not hear to live a small life of desperation.

Can you wake up enough to see that?

You are not hear to live off the government or to get the government to do your dirty work for you.

You are here to live.

When you were a little baby, there was not a sign above your crib with your destiny on it. You have no destiny, no one does. Destiny is just a word used by the powers in control to control you. You do not have to continue to listen to them. I don't.

I have no destiny. My life is my choosing. I chose many things wrong that I am working my way out of, but those things were my choice.

I chose to get married. And it was fine for a long time.

But I have chosen to be single now. I am was not destined to be married forever to one woman. Thinking that you have to remain married forever to one person is just a way to control you. It may be great for some couples, but the choice to remain married has to be by both people as a way to increase each others happiness.

I just get sickened when I see an elderly couple bickering about anything. You can feel the bitterness and almost hatred from across a room. That is not a happy couple, that is a small war that is stripping the happiness from each other.

The idea of you staying with a woman you do not love anymore or like that much is just an incomprehensible cruelty inflicted on people from religions and now from governments. Your happiness matters far more than some stupid promise you made in a dusty church long ago. Your life right now matters the most to you. This is self esteem building at it's most basic.

Can't anyone see that? Why would a religion insist on a couple staying together when one person does not want to? How can anyone look into another person's heart and say that they are wrong for wanting to leave? It makes no sense.

That is one of the main reasons I have abandoned religions and governments. Neither one has any concept of the individual.

Each person on this planet is an individual with desires, needs and is deserving of happiness. The sooner we all wake up to this the better.

I do rant and rave at times about the abuses of governments and religions. If you look at what I write you may think that I hate anyone who is in government or religion. My view is not that. I look at government and religion, not as a collection of people, but as a thing in itself.

Government and religion is not bad because of the bad people in it. Bad people are drawn to it and rise to power. But that is not the main problem with it. It is bad because it is bad. Government and religion provides power and control to the worst instincts of people.

Without a government, Hitler is just an lunatic spouting off hatred to a few other hateful people. With government he is a mass murdering fiend.

Without a government, Stalin and Mao are just grumpy old men. With government, they were responsible for the deaths of millions.

Without government, Bush is just a fool. With government, he started 2 useless wars and destroyed the world's economy.

Without government, Obama is just a slick talker. With government, he is just as bad as Bush.

So it is not the people. The people are bad, but the government gives the bad people a way to inflict their idiotic ideas on millions.

Once you wake up you will see it.

You can wake up and see that killing anyone is wrong. Even if their eyes are slanty or their skin is brown.

You can wake up to realize that your life is the only thing that matters to you. You do not have to continue to take whatever it is that you are taking. Your self esteem building begins by realizing that taking anything from anyone is not what you are here to do.

I woke up to realize that I did not have to try to convince my wife to be nice to me. I realized that she could not. I started my self esteem building because I woke up and decided that I mattered and since I mattered, I did not want to be with her anymore. I left.

You can do the same.

You can walk at anytime. You can start your self esteem building right now. You can leave this article and start to think better about yourself. You can start to plan how you want your life to be.

If something is not right. You can start thinking about how to fix it in the easiest way.

I will not lie. Leaving your wife will be extremely difficult and a severe hardship. The government and religions have put up massive roadblocks in your way. You will suffer financially. The government will see to it that you suffer for leaving.

But waking up is worth it. Your self esteem building starts with realizing that you matter.

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