You Matter
Just as much as anyone else

Do you matter? I think the idea of you matter is one of the most important ideas ever.

When you think you do not matter, you do not help anyone, especially yourself.

You think you are being unselfish.

You think you are thinking of others.

You think you are doing right and being virtuous.

You think that others matter more than you so that you put aside what you want to do and need to do for others.

But is this true? Is this accurate? Is this the way you should be living?

No. It is not true, accurate or the way to live.

When you think you do not matter, the end result is you not taking control of your life and letting others decide for you.

When others decide for you, the result is that they will mostly decide badly. Maybe your parents will decide things when you are very young that help you. But as you grow up no one ever really decides good things for you. Mostly they are into finding ways to take something from you.

They will have you sit in neat rows and force you to raise your hand to go to the bathroom. They will make you obey them all day and have you try to learn all kinds of boring things that you have no interest in.

They will say you need to get involved in all kinds of extra activities that are not interesting to you. They will say you need to stay busy doing what they say you should do rather than what you want to do.

They will say you cannot quit something you started even if you are not good at it and even hate it.

They will say that you need to go to college and study more to get a good job to do some other boring thing that you are not that good at and that nobody wants.

They will decide to go to war. They will decide to tax you to pay for it. They will decide who to kill. They will decide who to imprison. They will decide to inflate the money supply so that everything gets more expensive. They will tell you to pick up a gun and tell you who to kill.

They will decide that your life has no meaning. They will decide that it is your duty to die for your country. They will decide what you should be doing, what you should eat and even what you should drink.

They will decide that you should feel guilty for something that may or may not have happened 2000 years ago. They will use this guilt to control you.

Do you see what happens when you think you do not matter?

The world gets run by psychopaths. The big world is run be madmen. It always has. I am afraid it always will.

But your small, inner world does not have to be this way. You can take the first step away from the madness. You can choose to create your world in a way that is suitable to you. You can choose to leave the madmen behind. You can evade and avoid. You can ignore the crazed ideas and ridiculous notions.

When you matter, your life is the most important thing to you. You will not join the military in the attempt to find meaning in your life, by having someone else tell you who to kill.

You will not stay in dysfunctional relationships and prolong the misery that these relationships cause. You will not feel guilt for leaving a bad marriage.

You will not spend years at a job you hate. You will actively spend your free time and energy searching for something better and more suitable.

You will not think that only special people can have a good life and that you are resigned to your fate. You will thank, well if they can do it, I can do it.

When you look at the terrible situations people get into and suffer from, most of the root cause of this is the feeling that you do not matter.

If you matter, you will not stay in a marriage where your wife verbally abuses you.

If your life matters, you will not stay with a person who hits you. One hit, is one too many.

If you matter, you will not stay on the job doing something you do not enjoy and provides no value.

If you matter, you will not spend precious moments of your life involved with things that you do not want to do.

Can you start to see that the more you think that you matter, the better your life will be. You will become stronger, smarter, richer, more loving and more generous.

The more you think that you do not matter, the worse your life will become. You will become poorer, dumber, with less resources, more hateful and less generous.

Raising your self esteem is really the key to improving your life.

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