Life and Death

Start thinking about life and death. You do not have much time left. You have no idea how much is left. It could be decades, or it could be minutes.

It is your life after all. No one ever says that. They are always busy telling you what to do, how to think and what is best for you.

All that is stupid nonsense repeated over and over. The sooner you realize that the sooner you can make strides to improve your life.

The clock is ticking. Death is not going to wait until you wake up and have some happiness. It is coming for you.

Thinking about death is one of the best ways to better your life.

About 2 or 3 years before I left my wife, one of my uncles on my mothers side died. He was the third oldest in that family and the first to die. He was only 63 and died of lung cancer. He had smoked for years. But that was still too young. He was one of the greatest guys I had ever known. He was the type of guy who it is nearly impossible to dislike. Just a fun loving smart guy. He always was joking around. He was a savvy businessman but he always seemed to be happy. I always enjoyed just being around him at family gatherings. I did not talk to him that much. I was very shy with my family. But just being around him and seeing how he interacted with people of all sorts was just amazing.

So I was shocked when he died. And extremely saddened for his family who worshiped him. He was that kind of a great dad.

But when we all got together for the dinner after the funeral something started to shift in me. I had always thought that since my wife was older than me, she would die before I did and I would have a few pleasant years at the end of my life without dealing with her torment. Up until my uncle died I was fully expecting to spend the rest of my life or my wifes living a miserable existence with her.

But that death woke me up.

My uncles death gave me life.

It is almost as if his dying gave me a whole different perspective.

Here was a man who everyone loved, so happy, so full of life, dying in his early 60's.

Here I was around 40 in total misery most of the time.

I think I made the decision that day that I would find a way to improve my life.

When I see my uncles daughter, my cousin, I always tell her this story. Then we both cry. She is still crying the sadness of missing her father, as I am. And we are both crying the tears of thankfulness. This man dying young, helped me.

Your life is here to live it. If you cannot live it to the fullest with the people you are with, you need to leave them behind.

This is it. There is nothing else. There is no proof of an after life. All that talk is an excuse the misery the leaders have dished out.

You have now. There is no future. There is only life and death.

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