How to Get
Comfortable Without Food

Think of it, how do you get comfortable without food?

We are always told to get out of our comfort zone if we want to make progress. That may be true in careers, business and women but it is not true in losing weight.

One of the biggest challenges overweight men face is the continual problem of being uncomfortable in almost all situations.

What do people turn to when they need to get comfortable? Food, of course. That is why it is called comfort food.

A fat man is uncomfortable most of the time. Too tight and restrictive clothing. Small chairs. Small cars. Desks he cannot get his legs under. Furniture that creaks, groans and breaks when he uses it. Shoes that offer no support. Beds that he cannot sleep very long on.

Since most of your existence is spent being uncomfortable, sometimes unbearably so, you turn to food to at least get a few minutes of pleasure. Since this is really the only comfort you have you continue to eat, and eat and eat until you have eaten so much you are uncomfortable and you finally stop for awhile.

My theory is that if an overweight man, or woman, can break the cycle of continuous discomfort with how you set up your life, you can eliminate excess food as a source of comfort. You will feel good most of the time even without food.

You will not get much sympathy from thin people. This theory will probably be criticized by thin people. They think that the reason you are fat is because you are a glutton.

I do not think so. I think you, and I, are fat because we are trying to make it through the day and get some comfort.

Right now my pants are so tight I am ready to scream. My heavy boots are killing my feet. My light weight shoes offer such little support that my feet ache when I wear them. I cannot fit my legs under my desk at work. Most cars are so hard to get into, taking a ride is no fun at all.

Do you see what I mean? The only comfort I can hope for today is to eat. The rest of the day is shot.

The excess food will not help in the long run. It will just make it worse. But in the short run, I will have some comfort.

That is why it is so critically important to find comfort in ways besides overeating.

You need to make it a point to get as comfortable as you can in all ways without excess food.

Get Comfortable Without Food

Here are some of the ways to get comfortable without food:

1) Buy a large recliner that is for you alone. If you have a family, you need to make it clear that this is your chair and when you are home, you sit there. Everyone else has to get up.

2) Buy as good of a bed as you can afford. A flimsy bed is no good for big men or anyone for that matter.

3) Keep the heat and air conditioning set at the correct temperature for you.

4) Have throw blankets and the right blankets and sheets on your bed.

5) Get the right sized clothes for you. These clothes need to be a little big not a little small. Nothing is quite so uncomfortable as tight clothes, especially your pants and underwear.

6) Get good shoes and replace them often.

7) Have a big car or better a big truck. The population over all is getting bigger, the cars should be getting bigger too. Small cars make no sense.

8) Realize that there will be times when you are going to face extreme discomfort. You may be unbearably uncomfortable on planes, trains and buses. It is much better to avoid these methods of transportation. Sitting at the sporting event seats will be way too small.

You can see that you will need to spend a lot of money on things for yourself in order to get comfortable. This will be a major change for you. I know you have been acting unselfishly all these years. You get by and do without. You do not spend much money on your comfort needs.

But you do spend on junk food.

That is what you have to switch. You have to spend a lot of money on your comfort and hardly any on junk food.

Up till now you have not been spending any money on comfort only a little on junk food. Junk food is cheap, you rationalize. Eating a lot just makes the time pass a little more pleasantly.

But that is the problem. You need to be selfish. You have to think of your life and basically the hell with others. Some people do not really mind of you are uncomfortable and if you give most of your money to them instead of spending money on you.

But you will agree that fat men are the most generous people around. Fat men try to let other people get their needs met first.

But if you want to not be a fat man anymore you have to get selfish and now.

You have to spend a lot of money on your comfort needs. You have to get comfortable without food.

You have to buy the comfortable clothes, the supportive shoes, the big recliner, the great bed and the big car.

You have to spend big money on red meat and good salads and not the little money on carbohydrates.

All these things will be a massive change for you, but it is an important step to get comfortable without food.

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