Avoid Stress
Get Organized for the Holidays

How do you get organized for the holidays without working like a fiend, getting stressed out, exhausted and sick?

I used to hate the holidays when I was married. My wife was so super stressed out to have everything done perfectly. She just made it no fun. The constant cooking, cleaning and shopping for gifts was maddening and exhausting.

Now that I am single again, I go at the holidays at my own pace and find myself enjoying them more than at any time of my life.

I let other people do what they do and stay out of their way. I feel no need to be a super dad or super holiday guy. I just do what I want.

I have written a number of holiday hint type articles in my other website www.organized-way.com. These articles will really help anyone get through the holidays with as little stress as possible. You may even start to love this time of the year.

Get Organized for Thanksgiving - The holiday season starts with Thanksgiving so get that holiday under control first.

The Beauty of using Christmas Lists - You cannot call yourself organized unless you use list. I hate to clutter my mind with what type of groceries I need and what I should be buying as gifts for other people. Once I learn what a person wants as a gift I write it down. If I have a good idea for a gift I write it down. I want my mind free for continuous idea creation not routine memorizing.

An Organized Christmas - Here is a collection of ideas for the Christmas season for you to think about. I believe in minimizing the things I have to do and concentrate on doing what I want to do.

Christmas Organizing - Here are 22 more Christmas Organizing Ideas.

Another way to help with your shopping chores is to shop online. It is so simple, so easy and it makes shopping fun.

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