Bachelor Pad Tips

I have been searching high and low for bachelor pad tips and have yet to find anything that informative or even thought provoking.

Usually there will be something about picking up the pizza boxes and buying as large of a TV as possible. Or some obvious things like making the bathroom spotless.

So, I decided to start my own page and provide a comments section below to get bachelor pad tips and input from other bachelors.

First off, I am in my late 40's and my teenage kids now live with me full-time. So my home has to work for them as well as me. The good thing is that we do not have to do things the way my ex-wife wanted. She was very good at decorating and making our house look good. But it just was not for me. Now, I want a home that works for me.

Bachelor Pad Tips

Here is what you should start thinking about:

1) Start with a very comfortable recliner for you. There is nothing that says a masculine man, as well as a man who values his own comfort as much as a recliner. My wife would not allow a recliner in our house when I was married.

2) You will need a decent couch. This will be for your kids to lounge around on as well as for your naps. The most important function for you will be as a stepping stone to sex with women. You are not going to get very far with her if you are in your recliner and she is in a different chair. You have to sit together. Plus a couch is great to watch movies on with your kids.

3) A TV. We all need a TV of some sort. I would not bother spending a lot of money you don't have on the best television with all the bells and whistles. Get a great tv if you have plenty of money and you have the rest of your life exactly like you want it. But if the rest of your life is lacking, then just get what you can easily afford and use your money for actually living well rather than watching other people live well. What difference does a high definition tv make to your life anyway?

4) Cable TV or Netflix. You have to be able to watch something from time to time. I used to have basic cable but now just have netflix, it is much handier. There are no commercials and lots of choices.

5) Keep your place picked up. Stepping around junk is just no way to live. A house will always look dirty with excess clutter.

6) Keep your place somewhat clean. I am not a neat freak, but you must keep a decent level of cleanliness so you do not have excessive dirt and your place smells good.

7) Get a queen size bed. You have to act as if you will have women staying over from time to time.

8) Get very nice sheets and very cozy blankets and comforters. Again, make it comfortable, restful and cozy for you and for her. I see some people say to get a lot of pillows, but that just seems like a stupid way to make your life more difficult with all that messing around with pillows. Two pillows on your bed is plenty.

9) Put up pictures on your walls of things that inspire you. My wife had very different taste than I did. I had no interest in what she liked. Now, I only have what I want. I have pictures of my kids and family. I have artwork created by my father. I have the type of nature scenes that I like to look at. It is your home. Decorate it with what you want to look at. There is no real way to know what any particular women will like. But you know what you like or you can spend some time deciding what you like and searching for it. That is part of the fun.

10) I like to read. So I had my father build me a very large wood bookcase. It is beautiful to look at and holds a lot of books. Plus, my dad made it for me. Every time I look at it I think of him.

11) Keep food and drinks in your home. Young men are kind of notorious for not doing this. Think of how the young women you want to bring over will think. They will think of you as a thoughtful, with-it mature man who lives a great life. You want her to think that you are capable and competent. You are, aren't you? You do not want her to think you are an overgrown kid who cannot cook for himself and eats a lot of junk food and has to go out for every meal.

12) Set up your home in exactly the way you want it in a way that makes sense to you. That is the beauty of having a bachelor pad and being a bachelor. You can do things in a way that makes it easy, and great for you.

I finally found some good bachelor pad advice at this site - Your Bachelor Pad from So Suave

Please let me know your bachelor pad tips in the bachelor pad tips form below. I would love to read your tips and ideas. Maybe you could send in some pictures.

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