What do You do
Once the Damage is Done

What happens now that the damage is done?

There is ton of advice out there about how to stay out of trouble. I provide a lot of this myself. But what do you do once you are in trouble?

Now what?

That is what life is all about, working your way out of the problems and setbacks.

This is where you find out what you are made of. This is where you find out how much you can take. This is where you can either turn your life around or fall apart.

Once your shoulder is shot, now what do you do? Do you just continue to suffer? Do you go to the doctor? Do you search on-line for solutions?

My right shoulder ached and was so weak I could hardly use it. I could basically type, hold a pencil and eat with my right hand. Doing anything harder than that was so difficult that I just used my left arm for anything heavy.

This caused me a lot of problems. It limited what I could do constantly. It limited what I could even think about doing.

I chose not to go to a doctor. I have just been so frustrated with how much going to the doctor costs. My kids had been in for minor things and I was still trying to pay those bills. The last thing I wanted was to incur more doctor bills. I was not in serious pain, just weakness and an inability to use my arm for much. I guess if I was in bad pain and I could not use my arm at all I would have gone in.

But this was enough of a problem that I searched on-line and discovered a short exercise routine that works.

Then I wrote the routine as a to do in my planner book nearly every day for over a year. Now my shoulder feels nearly healed and I can actually use it.

I have been using it heavily for months now. It feels better than in years. I can do everything I want. It is really the rest of me that limits what I can do, not my right shoulder anymore. It is such a relief to feel good again.

Once you are 70 pounds overweight, now what? Do you continue to overeat junk food and not exercise? Do you hope the weight will come off by itself? Or do you join a gym, commit to working out a few times a week and make it a goal to eat less and more healthy?

Once you lose some teeth, now what? Do you make an appointment with the dentist? Do you never smile anymore?

Once your marriage is in shambles, now what? Do you stay in a miserable marriage and suffer the rest of your life? Or do you leave your wife and make a better life for yourself?

Once you are deep in debt with no way to repay, now what? Do you hope it goes away? Do you dramatically reduce your expenses or find ways to make more money? Do you declare bankruptcy?

Once you are firmly entrenched in a job you hate, now what?

The damage is done. You will think you are stuck, that there is nothing you can do. For most people this is true, because if you believe that there is nothing you can do, you will not do anything. You will just keep doing what you are doing. You don't know any different.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

You can make changes.

You can improve your life.

You can live. You do matter. Once the damage is done, now you start over, now you determine what you really want to do. Now you go about remaking your life how you want it. It is never too late. You are not too old, too broke, or too anything to make your life better.

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