Why Get Up Early?

Some people hate to get up early. I used to be one of those people who stayed in bed to the last possible instant. But not any more. I get up early every day, even on the weekends, and love it.

Here are the normal reasons massive numbers of people hate getting up early and a few quick solutions to ease the pain:

1) Your alarm clock. The loud ringing, and irritating noise is enough to drive you mad. The best way to enjoy your alarm clock is to wake to music rather than an alarm. The real key is to get to bed early enough so you basically are awake a little before the alarm rings anyway. Then as soon as you hear it you can get up and turn it off instead of listening to it blare for many minutes.

2) Your kids. Your baby or young children wake up crying or hungry and it is up to you to care for them. You wanted the children, so you have to care for them. Get to bed early so you have enough energy to care for them. Your kids will grow up soon enough so that eventually this is not an issue. My kids are teenagers and go to bed after me and wake up to their own alarm clocks on their own schedule. They are very responsible for their schedules. The fewer children you have the easier this will be. You do not want to make the mistake of staying up far later than your young children. You need to basically go to bed a little after they do so you can be awake before they are. You cannot let the little children be up unsupervised, you are just asking for trouble.

3) Your aching back. You cannot sleep in even if you wanted to. Your back can only handle so much time lying down. You probably need a new mattress. Your long term health and happiness depends on sleeping on a good mattress most of the time. You have to find ways to cut back on other things in order to afford a great bed.

4) Your bills. You wake up in the middle of the night wondering how you are ever going to pay them. I have been in this position and it is terrible. But it does not help to worry. What helps is to act. Find a way to pay. Find a way to make more. Contact your creditors. Find ways to cut back. Work out a payment plan. You may have to go bankrupt. You may have to just live in spite of what you owe. Worry will not solve the problem. Losing sleep will not solve it and will make it worse because losing sleep contributes to poor health which translates to medical bills. It also contributes to poor work performance and lack of motivation to work at all.

5) Your demands. Your job, your kids, your spouse, the bills and all the things you have to do. Your life is too chaotic. You have too much to do. You may need to get organized. You may need to reevaluate your life and at least get organized so you have more time to sleep.

6) Your job. You have a job that starts before the sun even gets up. These types of jobs are a lot more common than you realize. Lots and lots of people are up driving around and getting to work early in the morning, not just farmers. I don't think there are that many 9 to 5 jobs. I think most jobs start at 7 or 8. This means most of your life you are driving to work in the dark and getting up very early. What I have found when I have worked at 7 is to get up even earlier so I have time for me before I need to get ready for work. This makes getting up early something I look forward to rather than dread.

But a better reason to get up early is to do things entirely for you:

7) Your goals. If you are working on your goals you will not mind getting up early and staying up late. These goals will energize you. You will not mind going to bed really early in order to get up early to work on things you want to do. I can easily get up early to read and write. I love to drink coffee early in the morning in my recliner with my laptop on my lap, reading, do research and writing. Getting up early to do this is not a strain or a chore to me. I love doing this and would rather go to bed early enough that I wake up totally refreshed to do exactly what I want in the early morning.

8) Your dreams. You will wake up ready to do exactly what you want when you are going after your dreams. Just do the dream rather than not the dream. If your dream is to get in great shape, wake up early to work out, not clean the house. If your dream is to write a book, wake up early to write, not go to a job you don't like. If your dream is to start a business, wake up early to work on your business. The key is to do what your dream is early in the morning.

9) Your desire to add value to the world. This desire is the best thing in the world to you and the best thing for the world. You are your world, don't you see? What matters to the world is what matters to you. Getting up early to watch tv is not adding value to the world. I have not watched early morning tv since I have been in high school. It just makes no sense to see what other people are doing. The only people who are benefiting from early morning tv are the ones who make a good living from the doing it.

10) Something fun. I can hardly sleep if I am going on a trip. I can barely sleep at all if I am in bed with a new woman. I love to get up early if I am staying by my parents so we can go out for breakfast. If I am in the middle of a great book, I can hardly wait to get up to read. If I have an idea for a great article I can easily get up to write.

The more you make getting up early just for you, the more you enjoy it. Turn around the idea of getting up early for others. Get up early for you, do your things early in the morning.

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