Why is Life Not Fun?

Why is life not fun? It seems to be an endless struggle of bills, problems, frustrations and irritations. One of the most frustrating aspects of being a man is that most people are not interested in you having any fun.

The only ones who do are only in it to separate you from your money. We see images of fun in commercials. But this fun only happens after we open our wallets wide. Then when you actually try to have fun in this way it does not really work out the way they said it would. Spending huge amounts of money trying to have fun and then not, is extremely frustrating.

Think about it. When you were growing up your parents never wanted you to have fun. Your teachers never wanted you to have fun. Your preachers, priests, Sunday school teachers and nuns never want you to have fun. These people all had a tremendous sway over you, constantly telling you the dangers and sin of having fun. There was a constant ridicule of people who are enjoying life and there were actual constraints on letting you do anything.

Even your friends are more interested in their own fun rather than yours. Whenever you talk about something fun you did, someone will usually have an even better story. You cannot blame them for this, they were struggling to have some fun too. They faced this life not fun problem with the people in their lives.

You need to take your own fun. You need to have fun and not feel guilt for having done so. You need to understand that they have an intense, maniacal desire to make your life not fun.

Most of my life has not been that much fun. I have had moments of fun but for the most part it has been a long, boring life of not much real fun. It has been more of a hard life not fun life.

I realize now why this is so. It is easier on other people if you don't have any fun. Because it is so much easier on them, the less fun you have, the more pressure is on you to not have fun.

If you are not raising hell, drinking beer and having sex with girls when you are a teenager, your parents don't have to worry about bailing you out of jail, burying you after a car wreck or taking care of an unwanted grandchild. It is far easier for them if you just stay home, watch tv, work around the house and be bored. It makes their life easier the worse your life is.

Then all parents extrapolate that idea to everyone. It is not just their kids they want to keep home safe and bored out of their minds, it is all kids and then even all adults.

If no one is out having a good time, then no one will get in car wrecks and no one will get pregnant. But no one has fun. This makes a life not fun for everyone.

This idea is seen over and over again.

Drinking is demonized.

Smoking is frowned upon.

Premarital sex is stigmatized.

You can hardly talk about such things. You at least have to be very careful about talking about them.

You cannot talk about drinking until you are drunk and you are talking to someone else who is drunk.

Think of it, will you go up to a stranger and brag about how much you drank last weekend when you are sober? But you will when you are both drinking together.

It would be nice to be honest about drinking. It would be more honest to admit that it is a lot of fun and most peoples lives are improved because of it. Why can't people admit that they love to get loaded and it really doesn't hurt them? Why can't people admit that most of the best times of their lives have occurred when they have been drinking? You have to be honest about it.

Everyone knows that drinking can be harmful if taken to extremes. But only a few people do this anyway. Drinking helps the vast majority of people to at least have a few moments of fun in an otherwise drab, boring, miserable existence life not fun way.

Why we have to be so secretive about this is kind of like a weird prudishness.

Why can't you tell anyone how much you enjoy drinking?

Why can't you tell anyone how much you enjoy meeting a new woman and having sex with her a few hours after meeting her?

Why can't you admit that you like getting stoned and like getting high? That it is fun beyond almost anything else. You love to get drunk, get rowdy, laugh and have sex with a strange woman. Why is it only some people can have some fun like this and the rest of us have to go through life without.

You love to drink beer and shots with your friends and with people you just met. It is a bonding experience that does not happen outside the atmosphere of drinking.

How many new people have you met, outside of a work related environment, when you were not drinking? Not many, I would guess.

How many people, except when you were a child, have you made friends with, when you were not drinking together?

How many women have you met when you were not drinking or in a social setting where drinks were available?

I think the entire population would be one quarter of what it is now without the aid of alcohol.

Restricting your fun is another way of controlling you. I think that they control your life in this manner.

Think of how uptight, prudish with an arrogance beyond belief, the people who passed Prohibition must have been. Think of how brainwashed, cowardly and stupid the people must have been to put up with it.

Think of how we stupidly follow all the ridiculous orders we are given now.

Why are we restricted on all our fun? You cannot smoke where you want. You cannot drink where you want. You cannot drink as much as you want as often as you want. You cannot hardly even afford to drink or smoke at all.

If they can restrict your fun, they can control your life.

If you are too afraid to drive to a bar to have a few drinks, you just sit home on weekend nights wallowing in a life not fun existence.

If the cost of drinking is too high, you don't drink.

Why would the cost of alcohol be so high? It is made with water and grain. Basically it is like soda. When you buy one fountain drink at a fast food place it only costs $1 or $2 for an unlimited amount. Since the raw materials to make these products is basically no cost, the cost is only the distribution of it. The cost of alcohol should be very low.

The cost is artificially high due to the regulations and massive taxes stripping away our fun,

If we had a fun life we would not be so eager to sit at home watching other people have fun on tv. We would not be so eager to cheer for killers and agree with whatever they say we should agree with. We would not mindlessly sit around and do nothing fun at all in our lives. Is life not fun because they want it this way? I can clearly see that this is so.

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