Look Deep Inside Yourself
For Inspiration

So often you search outside of yourself for inspiration. You look at athletes, celebrities, business leaders, politicians and other successful people for ideas on what you should do with your life. It is almost as if you need the guidance of successful people to decide what you should do.

I am guilty of this too at times. I search the internet for ideas from others. I have read countless books, watched movies and am always on the lookout for inspirational stories and guidance on what I should do.

But I find that what really works good for me is to look at what I can do for myself that makes me feel better or improves my life in some way. I like to think back to the good times in my life and try to figure out what I did or did not do to make those times. To me that is so satisfying.

The more I think about my own life the better I feel.

Avoid thinking that you always need guidance from others. There are fantastically inspirational stories out there, but why not work on your own life so you can add your story to the mix. Think of making your own life an inspirational story to others. Think of making your own life so great that you do not need that much guidance from others.

The way I think of successful people is why can't I do those things? Why can't I do something special and help others. Why can't I have those things and do those things? Why can't I have the wonderful life?

This is the way I work on changing my thinking. I use the inspirational stories as motivation to keep doing what I want to do and need to do. These stories add to my motivation. Rather than doing exactly what they say I use their stories as fuel to do what I want to do.

You just cannot go wrong by thinking highly of yourself and your abilities. Everyone has limitations, you have to realize what you can do well and not so well. But just because you cannot do something well now, does not mean you cannot do it well with effort and persistent practice.

What I really mean is to sit and think deeply about your life. You will need to be alone for this type of deep thinking. It is difficult to think will people talking to you or even talking in the background. You need solitude and peace.

The more you do this deep thinking the more you want it and the more helpful it becomes. You see the world differently. You see yourself in a different way.

It is so important for you to look deep within your life to examine the good things you have accomplished and to see the things you wish you would have done differently. These things cannot be undone but you can learn from them.

Do things for you, inspire yourself with things you want to do, act on what you think is best.

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