Are You Adventurous?

Do you play it safe instead of trying new things and being more adventurous?

Last fall I went out to a downtown nightclub. I was just out by myself, sitting at the bar, minding my own business when a younger guy sat down beside me. He asked if the seat was taken. I said that someone was there and I thought he would be back soon. The guy said he would get up if he came back.

He had an interesting mo-hawk type haircut. I said my son wanted a haircut like that for his football team. All the guys were getting them for the playoffs.

We talked a little more. He showed me a picture of his sports car and I understood that he was the owner of a small car dealership. He was a younger guy who had emigrated to the U.S. from Israel. He was really interesting. It was a fairly loud bar so it was hard to hear all the details.

He asked if I wanted to go with him to another bar.

I normally would have said no. I just met him 10 minutes ago. How would I know anything about him. Was he gay? Was he going to rob me? Was he going to take me out back to have a bunch of thugs beat me up?

Something inside me said to say go ahead. So I did.

We hopped in his van and went to another bar. He told me a little about himself on the drive over. It was like he wanted to help me have a good time. The bar he picked was cool. I had never heard about it. I would recommend it to anyone. It was packed with people and he even knew people there. There were lots of pretty girls.

Everything was as he described so my gut instinct that the guy was a good guy was right. We went back to the original bar later and we drifted apart when he got involved with a girl he met there.

Later that same night as I was walking down the street toward my car, a guy standing on an apartment building porch said something to me. Normally I would have kept walking pretending not to hear anything, but in this case I stopped and said something back.

Just polite chatting about the weather. He asked if I wanted to come up on the porch and talk for a minute. I climbed the steps to meet him. He and his friend were smoking and drinking a beer. We talked for a bit and his friend said he was going back up because he had finished his smoke. The guy asked his friend if I, meaning me, could come up for a beer. The friend looked at me and said sure. So, I did. I got the feeling that the friend was more the in charge guy.

I spent 2 or 3 hours drinking beer, smoking hooka, playing cards and talking about life with these two 21 year old guys and 3 more of their friends. These guys were less than half my age and here I was partying with them. Some of them even said to me what are you doing here? They could not really get that a man my age would be partying with them and having fun. I joked around saying I wasn't ready for the rocking chair yet.

Again, this was not me. The last few decades especially I have not been that adventurous.

I really have not done something like this my entire life.

I mean I have gone with strangers and into strange homes and places but always with a friend or two, never by myself.

I traveled, but with friends.

I partied with strangers, but only while I was with friends.

Do you see what I mean? I have always played it, if not totally safe, as safe as I could.

My adventures have always been on the safe side.

This was really an adventurous night.

It was fun. I was careful. I did not get that drunk. I did plan on driving home later. I did not want to be taken advantage of.

To me, this is an important step. I am planning on doing some traveling by myself and would need to do this type of thing.

My good friends from high school and college are mostly busy with their own lives. We still get together but only a few times a year. If I want to have some fun I will have to do it without them.

I need to get over my fears of meeting new people.

I want to experience more of life. I want to meet other men and other women. I need to meet both.

I want to be able to go out, have a few drinks, meet men and women and have a good time. I want to lead a more adventurous lifestyle.

I have even applied for and received my passport. I am planning some travel out of the country.

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