What are the Best
Pets for Men?

The best pets for men are there are none.

I love animals. I have never hurt an animal and cannot imagine a situation where I would. I pet other peoples dogs and cats. I admire the animals of others. I enjoy seeing animals at the zoo, at the fair and in the fields and farms. I like dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, turtles, hamsters and lizards. All these animals are fascinating and wonderful.

But I just do not want to care for them myself.

I know that sounds selfish. Shouldn't I be adopting pets and doing my part?

I do not feel that way at all. I have so much to do without spending one second caring for a pet.

No Time for Pets for Men

Most men have a tremendous amount of things to do. You might have school, work, a career, families, businesses, a mission, goals and you would like a little fun.

There is no time for pets. A pet would just be one more thing you do not have time for.

I am sorry for the animals. I wish it was not this way. I wish I had hours of free time each day that I could care for animals. But I do not.

Men do not have this kind of time. If you are totally honest in how you look at this you will agree.

Pets are for children and women with free time. If your wife is at home and loves animals and you have plenty of money so she does not need to work then you can get a pet. But in that case it is not pets for men, it is a pet for someone else.

When you have a pet your life will revolve around it.

Children are very difficult to care for when they are babies and toddlers but as they get older they need less and less care. When they are born they need non stop care. By the time they are 5 or 6 not so much.

That is the beauty of children. They grow up and they can help you. They kind of take care of themselves. You can even work together. They can be your assistant. They at least care for themselves. Pets for men, not ever.

Your dog will not help you carry a couch down the stairs the way your teenage son can. Your cat will not do the dishes like your daughter can. Your pet will not help you in your old age.

Pets are more like having a baby for their entire lifespan.

If you love babies that is fine for you. It is just as a man, you do not.

I love my two children but I did not like caring for them when they were babies. It was not fun. I hate to say it but it is true.

My daughter will talk about pets. She will say she will do all the pet care and I will not have to do anything.

Then I ask her who will care for the pet when you are at a sleepover? Will you give up your fun sleepovers with friends, cousins and family? Will you get up early every day even on weekends, holidays and summer vacation? Will you care for your pet instead of schoolwork, going to your activities, friends and shopping?

She will say that she will, but as a man, I know better. I know who will be taking care of the pet most of the time, me. That is why I will not get a pet.

Pets for men, Not

My life is my life. I am not here to care for animals that were mistreated by others. I need my time for my life and my goals. My goals do not include slowing down to take care of pets for men or any animals.

Having a pet is a huge time commitment. Your life has to revolve around that pet. If it doesn't then you are mistreating the animal. Animals need your constant, continuous and daily care. They are a tremendous time commitment.

How can you do the things of value you need to do if you are scooping up dog poop or cleaning up cat vomit?

You can't.

Maybe someday I will have the time to care for a pet. At this point in my life I do not.

Most men are up early and out the door to get to work early, early in the morning. You work hard all day at a job far from your home. You cannot run home at noon to pet your dog, fill the water bowl and give him a walk. You barely have enough time for a relaxed lunch for you.

You then get home later that afternoon or more likely, evening. You have a list of things to do around the house, errands to run, chores to do, exercise for your health and work on your second job or part-time business.

You might even want a little time to relax, recreate and have some fun.

Where is the time for caring for a pet? There is not time.

There will not be time until you are wealthy and the source of your wealth is not dependent on you working a large portion of the day to acquire it.

I have to laugh at the dating advice that says a man should get a dog and go for walks to attract women. This is just so stupid. Once you have a dog, you will not have time for dating. Any free time you have will revolve around caring for your dog.

Dogs are romanticized in the movies. But if you look to movies for how to live your life, you will be extremely disappointed. Movies have no basis in reality. The reason that movies are entertaining is that they have very little to do with actual life.

The saying that a dog is man's best friend comes from older times when dog's actually were for working. If your dog is a work dog then this does not apply to you. If your dog actually helps you to make a living then it is not a pet. It is your assistant.

I do love the Western movies where the good guy has a dog as a sidekick. In those movies the good guy does not do much caring for the dog. The dog just comes along and fends for himself. Sometimes the good guy even spits tobacco juice on the dogs head.

Maybe the good guy throws the dog a little jerky once in awhile. You never see the guy taking care of the dog or even petting him. The dog just takes care of himself. The dog may even get in on the movie by ripping out the throat of a villain.

Do yourself a huge favor and remember that there are no good pets for men.

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