How to Improve Your
Emotional Health

You can improve your emotional health quickly in small increments. There is no need to wait to do anything. Your life matters. Start doing and acting as if it does.

1) Buy something that you want that is for you alone. A lot of men get caught up in only buying gifts for their wives, their girlfriends and their children. Their needs go to the bottom of the list. Why not put your needs at the top of the list and get something that you want or do something that you want to do? Do something inexpensive at first to start to get used to this. As more money flows into your life you will be able to spend more and more on yourself and really improve your emotional health.

2) Make lists of what you want. You may not have the money available currently for everything you want but you have enough money to buy some notebooks and pens to write down your desires and list them out. I like to think of these lists as grocery lists. Just things that I need at the store and that I will be getting in the near future.

3) Buy a little better quality things than what you are normally buying. Buy a little better food and buy a little less of it to make it more affordable. Buy better clothes but less of them. Buy a better car or truck that you actually want for your lifestyle. Put these things on your list.

4) Exercise in a manner that you can handle. If you have not exercised that much, you need to ease into this. You are not joining the military and getting barked at by a drill sergeant. Exercise is so good for you but not if you are so sore and so tired that you get hurt and have to quit.

5) Sleep more. Nothing will rob you of your health and make all your goals and dreams seem like they never will come about as much as chronic sleep deprivation.

6) Refuse to deal with people you dislike and that bring you down. This may include your wife or your boss. I had to leave my wife. You may need to do the same or look for a different job.

7) Wear your best clothes whenever you are out and about. What are you saving these clothes for anyway? Shop for clothes that you consider your best and that make you look good and make you feel more confident.

8) Keep meditating or at least thinking about your life. Your life will not improve by worrying about politics or your favorite team. You need to concentrate on your life as if it matters because it does. Endlessly discussing your team and politicians will not help you at all. All this is a distraction from your main goal of making improvements to your life and increasing your emotional health.

9) Stop following the news. Nothing good comes of it. If you cannot stop following the news at least learn to laugh at it. I was at a new coffee shop a few days ago and I sat down to drink my coffee, eat my snack and write in a comfortable chair. The problem was that the good chairs near the windows and fireplace were taken. All that was left were the chairs in front of the massive flat screen television. I did not really want to watch, but I could not help it. The news was blaring. It was one bad news story after another. I was almost laughing out loud about it. It was nothing but murder, fires, terrorism and one bad economic news story after another. I stayed long enough to see the start of the cycle where they repeated what they had gone over earlier. It was funny because here I was drinking delicious coffee, refilling my cup as much as I wanted, eating a rich muffin, writing my ideas, thoughts and dreams in my notebook. I was dressed nicely and there were some attractive barista's hustling about in tight, provocative clothing. And there was a constant stream of interesting people coming in and going out. It was about as nice of a winter afternoon in Wisconsin as can be. Yet the news was blaring about how bad everything was. Yet the newscaster were hot women and handsome men all in very expensive suits talking about all this. It is like there is a total disconnect from reality. How can the newscasters talk about how bad things are when things are so good?

When you concentrate on your emotional health and doing things to feel good now, in the moment, your life cannot help but improve. Feeling good and doing things to make you feel good is not hard, but it is different than what most people are doing. Of course, that is why most people do not feel good. But that does not have to be you.

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