Do It Yourself
Problem Solving

The best way to deal with problem solving is by yourself.

You will be tempted to want someone else to deal with the problems, but this is always a mistake.

I heard a story the other day that illustrates this perfectly.

A man owns a home along a street that used to be a kind of country road. This road was asphalt but without curbs or a ditch.

The land next to the road just sloped into his yard.

The Village where he lived decided to convert this road into a curb and gutter road. They drew up the plans and did most of the construction work already. Curbs were installed along with adding additional gravel base and a new asphalt surface.

There is a very large tree in the road right-of-way at the edge of the road.

The construction of the curbs and new road disturbed the roots of the tree.

The homeowner saw this happening and asked the Village what they were going to do about it. He was concerned that the disturbed tree would eventually topple over onto his house.

The Village said they would look into it.

They took a few minor steps. They put spray paint on the tree to designate it for removal. They directed the contractor to remove it. They said they would take some action to obtain the money necessary to remove it.

All this took place over a period of months.

The other day a big storm blew through the area and the tree toppled over onto the homeowner's house creating all kinds of damage.

Now the Village is saying that since the tree is down it is not their responsibility.

The point of the story is the guy should have went with his gut instinct and cut down the tree himself safely without damaging his house.

Who knows if his insurance will pay for all the damage.

You need to talk less, do more.

You need to stop all this idiotic looking for government to do what is right.

Yes, they should have taken the tree down as part of the project.

Yes, they should have taken the tree down when the homeowner brought it to their attention.

Yes, they should have been more proactive.

But they did none of those things.

That is government. They will only do what they deem to be right. They will not care about one person. They will not care about anyone.

If you see a tree that you think is going to topple over and crush your house, cut it down.

This big problem would have been eliminated by just doing what needs to be done.

You could bill the Village for this work later. In the meantime, your house will be safe.

Thankfully no one was hurt and the damage was not severe. But you never know. What if someone was killed? What if the house was totally destroyed? These things happen when you do not take care of problem solving on your own.

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