Never Trust Anyone

How can you go through life and never trust anyone?

Here is especially the people and types of people not to trust:

1) Any man in a tie.

2) Any man in a suit.

3) Any man who is clean shaven.

4) Any politician.

5) Any lawyer.

6) Any banker.

7) Any policeman.

8) Any man in the military.

9) Anyone in government.

10) Anyone who does not drink.

11) Anyone who tries to tell you what to do and how to live.

12) Any woman.

13) Your children.

14) Your parents.

15) Your wife.

16) Your friends.

It is far easier to go through life assuming that everyone will either lie to you, be incompetent or will let you down just when you need them the most.

I know it is hard to think this way. We so much want the people around us, the people we depend on and the people in positions of leadership to look out for us and do what we want them to do and what we need them to do.

But all the evidence says that they hardly ever do this.

The evidence is that the times we can actually trust people is hardly ever.

We go to the polls and vote for our guy. Then he gets elected and does nothing that he said he would do.

We trust the suited banker when we apply for a mortgage or loan and then get taken by a thief in a nice suit.

When you trust people, you let your guard down and don't follow through to make sure things go the way you want them. You assume, since you trust someone, that they will do what you need.

Nine times out of ten they won't.

Just get in the habit of not trusting and you will be the one who ensures that what you need to happen will happen.

I think we get this trusting habit ingrained in us during childhood and it is difficult to grow up and see that it is an entirely false belief.

I remember hearing about the protests during the 1960's where the young people said to never trust anyone over 30 years old. That is still valid. The only thing I would add is never trust anyone under 30 also.

It is not that I think everyone is out to get me and to hurt me in some way. I just see that everyone is busy trying to live their own life and that expecting them to do what I want in a trusting manner is just foolish.

Why would anyone go out of their way for me? It makes no sense.

I trust my kids and parents a little bit. It is not that they are dishonest. They aren't. But both my kids and my parents have limitations. They can only do so much. I can tell my kids to call me at certain times to make sure they are fine. But they rarely call. I cannot trust them to call. If I want to make sure they are fine, I call them. See, I need to be the one to check. I cannot trust them to call me.

I trust my parents to do certain things. But I do not rely on them. They have 2 other children also. They have their own lives to lead. My parents are mine to do what I need them to do. They are quite trustworthy as long as what I need them to do is within their capacity.

I prefer to be the guy that people trust. I am the guy people rely on. I like to be the guy people can let their guard down around, the one they trust.

I want the people closest to me to trust me. I absolutely love how my kids can trust me completely. It is not easy. It starts with showing them that I am far from perfect but that I will do whatever they need with what I can.

I cannot just buy them everything they want. But I can buy them everything I can afford.

I cannot do everything for them, but I can do whatever I can.

I am not interested in doing this for everyone, but I am interested in doing it for them.

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