I am Not Here For

What do I mean by I am not here for? All the famous books talk about finding out what you are here for, what your mission is or what you were born to do. One way to find this out is to first decide what you are not here for.

A lot of times you will hear people talk about what are they here for or they were born to do this, that or the other thing. Fine, maybe they were.

But this kind of thinking always leaves me a little cold, it feels off. It is because I have not had the feeling that I know what I was born for.

I think that people who are born for something are pretty rare. I think that this may even be a myth. They may have a talent that is in demand and that they can make use of to make lots of money or to get famous.

Like famous sports stars or celebrities or billionaires.

But these people also had to be good at something that is in demand enough or watched enough or wanted enough to even get consideration.

We happen to like watching sports stars perform and will pay a lot to watch them.

It is the people watching who make the fame, not the performer.

With that in mind, I like to come at the idea of what I am here for from the opposite approach - What I am NOT here for.

With this approach, if you are not sure what you want to do or what you are here for at least you can weed out or not do what you are NOT here for.

Here is my list of what I am NOT here for:

1) I am not here to be pushed around.

2) I am not here to be yelled at.

3) I am not here to serve you.

4) I am not here to listen to your complaints.

5) I am not here to die for you in any pointless war or even a war with a point. I am not here to die for you period.

6) I am not here to kill for you either.

7) I am not here to do your dirty work.

8) I am not here to pay your way.

9) I am not here to work for you so you can be a parasite on me.

10) I am not here to be guilted into doing things for you.

11) I am not here to entertain you.

12) I am not here to be a cog.

13) I am not here to be a soldier.

14) I am not here to be belittled.

15) I am not here to be shamed.

16) I am not here to be humiliated.

17) I am not here to give you my children,

18) I am not here to own anyone else.

19) I am not here to be owned.

20) I am not here to live a small life.

21) I am not here to live in misery.

22) I am not here to never laugh.

23) I am not here to be your whipping boy.

24) I am not here to do what I am told.

You matter because you are here. You do not have to spend your life in terrible conditions. You matter. You can quit the sorry situations you are in. You can stop doing things you do not want to do. You can end bad relationships. You can escape bad circumstances.

You are not here for a bad life. You are here for a good life.

Cut out all the worthless thinking you have been forced into. You deserve a great life too.

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