What is the Never Discussed Problem
of Fat Men Testosterone

Fat men testosterone. What in the world do I know about it? I am a fat man and I have been searching and researching and studying testosterone for years.

I can not remember if I was a fat baby or not. I was quite young when I was born. I think my baby pictures showed that I was fat. Maybe all babies are a little fat.

But I was fat all through grade school, most of high school and most of adulthood.

I think that being fat is a huge cause of low testosterone in men.

I do not think this is researched enough or talked about enough.

Eating too much of the wrong food, not enough exercise and carrying excess weight in general can all be easily understood as not a healthy way to live.

But there are other problems that cause low testosterone that that I never see discussed.

Fat Men Testosterone - Tight Pants

The misunderstood problem that fat men face with low testosterone is that beyond eating too much of the wrong foods to get fatter, a fat man has to deal with too tight of pants and underwear.

This tight clothing squeezes your testicles and your penis. These organs are just bags of blood. The more pressure that is on them for longer periods of time, the smaller they will stay and the smaller they will become.

Then the smaller they are the less testosterone your body will produce and the more likely it is that you will gain weight and make it even harder on your testicles and penis.

This is never discussed, but it is a valid hypothesis because I can see how this has worked in my life.

I was always dissatisfied with the size of my private parts. They worked. I have had sex with different women, masturbate very often and even have children. A small penis and small testicles will not make you childless or make it impossible to have sex.

But it will cause you embarrassment.

It will make you less of a man.

You will already look smaller because you have a larger body. But your penis will actually be smaller because your pants are too tight.

I am thankful that we never bought the tight white underwear for my son that I wore all the time up until I left my wife.

I even wore this tight underwear to bed for most of my life.

The first step any man, especially a fat man, needs to take to start to increase his testosterone is to throw away ALL your tight underwear. You need to wear loose fitting boxers. Not snug boxers,or boxer briefs, loose. Do not get the cheap kind at Wal-Mart of anything made with polyester. Get good kinds at the Department store with an elastic band on the top and all cotton. Make sure they are loose. I cannot recommend you go commando that much. This may be better for your penis and testicles but it is not good for the inside back of your good pants and jeans if you know what I mean.

This wearing of tight underwear is a real problem. I even was reading about how one of the giants of the penis enlargement industry experimented with wearing very tight underwear for a number of months and he actually lost many inches of size. I was not surprised.

Just as important as wearing loose underwear is loose pants. For some reason we want to squeeze into the smallest pant size we can fit into. Yes, you can squeeze into these pants but your penis and testicles will be squeezed way too much. They need room, they need space.

I think that most fat men have been stuck wearing these tight pants all these years not for vanity, buy because bigger sizes of pants and underwear are not readily available in most all stores. It is not really a conspiracy, but more of a logistical and problem. They just do not make that many big pants.

When I was growing up it was rare to find pants bigger than a 36 waist that fit me. We would go to the store to try to find pants and could not. So my parents just bought the largest size available. But this was not big enough. It was the largest size but still tight. Was I supposed to go through life without pants?

Now there are bigger pants available and many young men wear loose sweat pants, to that is helping. Boxer shorts are more widely available.

So, that is what I got, a 36 waist. I could barely squeeze into these pants and they squeezed my private parts way down because there was just not any room. How could there be any room for my penis and testicles, the pants were already too small and my thighs and butt were huge from a combination of massive leg muscles and extra fat.

Since I have been doing penis enlargement myself for a number of years, I am much larger than before. I am very careful to wear loose pants and to sit in a way that does not put pressure on my private parts. I really notice whenever I do not do this and am irritated at myself or the circumstances when I cannot wear the proper clothes or take the proper time to sit correctly.

I find the times when I am squeezed to be very frustrating since I know how harmful this is to me.

Fat Men Testosterone - The Lack of Sun

Another setback that causes low fat men testosterone is because you are fat, you tend to not get much sun. You are larger and embarrassed about being seen without a shirt. You hardly ever get out in the sun in long enough doses to actually do any good.

Look at the people who live in warm weather climates, they are far healthier and the men tend to have a lot more testosterone. This is probably the reason that dark-skinned men tend to have much larger penises and much larger testicles than fair skinned men.

How else can it be explained?

Why don't you get a little of this health for yourself. The sun is free. It does not cost anything to be outside.

But fat men don't spend much time outside. You work all day inside. Even when you could go outside you stay inside where it is cool. If you are outside you stay in the shade and grease yourself up with sunblock because you believe the lies and wear extremely long shorts over your knees and shirts that cover most of your body.

It is a vicious circle. You are too fat to be outside so you don't get the healing rays. You lose the health affects of being in the sun and your testosterone is reduced because your health is deteriorating. Over the years you get paler and paler until you cannot imagine being in the sun for even a few minutes.

Think of the most healthy people you know. Aren't they all spending lots of time outside?

Fat Men Testosterone - The Lack of Sleep

Another problem that causes low fat men testosterone is not sleeping enough.

One of the classic methods of weight loss is to put a person on bed rest. This is way to lose a lot of weight in a hurry as long as you are not eating that much.

Sleep deprivation not only makes you feel terrible, it robs you of energy to work out and causes you to eat a lot more and crave junk food in order to stay awake.

The more junk food you eat, the lower your testosterone. The less you work out and the less intense the exercise is, the lower your testosterone.

You can see that fat men and testosterone loss go hand in hand. You are trapped in this cyclical problem of too tight of pants, no sun and not enough sleep. The more you do this it compounds. You gain weight so your pants get tighter. You are fatter so you feel like being outside even less. Your life sucks so you eat more junk food. You stay up late to try to have some enjoyment so you lose sleep.

All these problems build on each other.

You have to break out of them and move toward a healthier, more testosterone producing life.

It is not easy. If it were easy there would be no fat men. There are so many fat men because it is so hard and because the cure is so difficult.

Fat Men Testosterone - Cures

The cure for low fat men testosterone is:

1) Only wear loose fitting boxer shorts and very loose pants. Your fat men testosterone problems start to go away.

2) Get in the sun as often as possible until your skins is darker and stays darker all the time.

3) Sleep a lot more. You need to sleep and sleep and sleep some more. One thing that helps is to nap in the sun. You combine 2 things.

4) Sit in a way to reduce the pressure on your private parts. You are big, so chairs will often be too small. You have to always be conscious of this and sit in a way to allow yourself room for your private parts.

Other People and Low Fat Men Testosterone

These cures are going to be difficult because other people will give you a hard time about them.

Your wife is not going to want you to throw away all your underwear and pants and buy new, expensive ones. She wants the money for herself.

People will tell you about skin cancer if you start to get a little brown.

The people you live with will think you are lazy going to bed early every night, sleeping in every chance you get and taking naps. They expect you to be up late with them and always busy.

Of course, in addition to these cures you have the normal health producing things you have to do like intense weight lifting once in awhile, light exercise nearly every day and healthy eating. That is a given.

But you have to do all these other things too. You cannot lift weights heavily without sleeping a lot. You cannot even exercise lightly without sleeping a lot. You will be tired from this.

You cannot continue to wear tight clothing. It just robs you of your gains. You have to wear loose clothing.

You have to be in the sun.

You have to make your life your priority. Low fat men testosterone is robbing you of a good life. You have to do these things to have any chance of increasing the quality of your life and increasing your fat men testosterone.

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