Fat Man Tips to Feel Better
and Look Better

It is not easy being a fat man. I have struggled back and forth from fat to lean, back to fat and now seem to be in a leaner but still fatter than what I want to be mode.

But being fat is not a death sentence. You do not have to avoid living until you get lean. what if you never lose the weight? What if you lose some weight but not enough? What if you lose weight but it takes a lot longer than you thought?

You have to live now. You have to enjoy life now. We all only have now.

You may question me and say if we only have now why can't I just stuff myself and eat more?

That is a good question. You can if you want. Who is going to stop you? Not me.

But I do not think that is what you truly want to do. I think you are only eating so much because there is something amiss in your life.

I think you eat to fill a hole in your life. You have a problem or the lack of something and you use food to fill it and cope.

That is my life. I use food to cope with whatever problem I am facing.

When I was in total misery with my life, I ate until I was sick and then ate some more. How could I think of having a future? I did not want to grow old with my wife. That would have been even longer being with her.

When I spend another lonely weekend alone and do not have enough money to go out, I eat.

When I am depressed I eat. When I am bored I eat. When I am nervous I eat. When ever something is wrong I eat. And even when I feel good I eat too.

Food is everywhere and ever present. It is an inexpensive coping mechanism. Drinking costs too much to do very often. Drugs, either prescription or illegal, cost way too much for me. But food is another story. Food is the cheapest vice. That is why there are so much obesity and so many fat men.

It is a difficult life being a fat man, but you can do some things to start to feel better and look better too:

1. You can keep up your appearance as much as you can. You can get tight to your head haircuts often so you never have the bushy, unkempt look. You can cut your nails so you never have the long nails of a weird guy. You can wear your best clothes as often as you can and look for a few really good clothes. Then just wear the best clothes you have and clean these often.

2. You can buy good shoes that look good and provide your feet with good support. If your feet ache you will not want to walk that much and will avoid exercise.

3. You can start to exercise. You can walk. You need to start lifting weights. Lifting weights is the most important part of looking good.

4. You can start to do the things you want to do. You matter. You deserve to have a good life. The better you make your life, the less you will eat.

5. You can eliminate the things you do not want to do.

You can look into good weight loss programs like the Zero Resistance Weight Release Program.

It is your life. You can make the most of it, fat or not. If you truly analyze it you will find that you use excess food to cope with the problems, frustrations, irritations and misery in your life.

If you take steps to move into a better life, your weight will decrease.

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