Fat Man Personal Development

Fat man personal development?

Why is it is always assumed that in order to have a great life you must be lean?

Why do you have to do one thing first before you do another? It really makes no sense.

If you are fat everyone kind of assumes that you can only have a good life after you lose weight. Look at this list:

  • You have to wait to start a business after you lose weight.
  • You wait to find a better job after you lose weight.
  • You wait to go after the women you want after you lose weight.
  • You wait to leave a wife you do not want to be with until after you lose weight.

This waiting to live your life until after you lose weight is really just garbage thinking. You are letting someone else tell you how to live your life. In the meanwhile the days are slipping by and you have nothing to show for it.

I know because I did all that. I stayed in jobs I did not like that much because I thought I was too fat to apply for better jobs. I wanted to lose weight to fit into the suit I had or look better in a suit. I stayed too long in a bad marriage. I did try to meet girls. I did not start businesses.

Now I just do as much of what I want as possible in spite of being too fat to do so.

There is no sense in waiting for anything to start living your life. Your life is being used up second by second. If you are too fat it may even be shorter than that. The fatter you are the sooner you need to start.

I have a short ebook to help your fat man personal development and help you think differently. You can get it in the box below:

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This short book will help you to think differently and it has some strategies to help you enjoy your life right now even if you are too fat.

I was tired of waiting to live my life until I lost weight. Once you are fat, life becomes even more difficult and even harder to lose weight. Gaining too much weight is a combination of what is missing in your life, your level of problems and how life in general is.

Your life is just as important to you as it is to a leaner man. You cannot wait to live until after you lose weight. You have to live it now. I think you will only make progress on losing weight when you are doing more of what you want to do anyway.

After all, what is the point of being alive at all if you are not enjoying life in some way?

If you are fat it is because something is wrong in you life. You need to start making things right. Not by trying to fix what is wrong, but by doing what you want to do.

If your marriage is bad, leave your wife, like I left mine.

If your job sucks, or you are in a dying industry, or you are stagnant in whatever way. Apply for different jobs. I just did this. It is revitalizing to work on your resume, buy a new suit, apply for jobs and go on interviews. You do not have to stay in the same place forever.

Along with looking for different jobs, you can start part-time businesses like I do. Solo Build It makes it easier to create a web-based business.

I am doing just what I am saying. If I wait to get lean until I do any of these things, I may never do them. When you stay in situations and circumstances that bring you no satisfaction, the only way to cope is with excess food. You need to move into better circumstances so you do need so much excess food to cope. That is how you will lose the weight.

You can have a better life with fat man personal development.

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