Ideas for Fat Men
To Improve Your Life

It is your life. There is no point in waiting. Use these ideas for fat men to start making your life better now.

1. Ideas for Fat Men

You matter. You are a good person even if you are fatter than they say you should be and even if you are heavier than you want to be. You are fine as you are.

Just because you are not as lean as you would like now does not mean that you cannot work toward that.

Just because you not at what you consider you ideal weight does not mean that you cannot enjoy your life now.

I believe that the reason a person gets fat is that there is something wrong in your life and you use excess food to compensate for that. It could be something there that you don't want or it could be something missing.

It may be a lack of love or female companionship that is missing and you eat to fill that void.

It could be that your relationship with your wife is no good and you eat to deal with a bad marriage.

It could be a job or career that you hate.

It could be old memories that you cannot seem to get past.

All these things happen to you and you cope with them by overeating.

What if you could just start moving toward your ideal life now? What if instead of dwelling on that you dwell on what you wanted to do? What if you decided on how you want your life to be and then you spent as much time as possible on that? Your life would start to improve. There is no way that it cannot improve if most of your thinking is directed to what it is that you want. This is the law of attraction as brilliantly explained by Dr. Robert Anthony in -

The Secret of Deliberate Creation

I have been listening to these CD's in my car over and over again for months. I never listen to the radio anymore. Listening to the radio does not make me feel good like these CD's.

2. Ideas for Fat Men

Do not compare yourself to others. This is hard. It is so easy to compare your life to others and come up short or to feel superior because they have it so bad. Either way is wrong thinking. Mostly you compare and feel bad because you do not look as good as someone else.

3. Ideas for Fat Men

Exercise in a manner that you can handle. When you are fat, exercising a lot is very difficult. Lots of excess weight makes exercising for long periods of time torturous. You hurt. You cannot compare the time you spend exercising to that of an in-shape person or elite athlete. I know a man who was an Olympic athlete. It is not unusual for him to exercise for 6 to 8 hours a day. He works out for at least 2 hours even on work days. But that is him, not me. Aside from the fact that my body could never handle that regimen, I would find that much exercise boring. I have so many other things I want to do.

My favorite exercise program for this time in my life is to lift weights very heavy and intensely only 2 times per MONTH at the most using The Static Contraction Training method developed by Pete Sisco. This method of lifting is hard, heavy but safe. You feel it for days and your muscles and strength grows enormously. You are a weight lifter and bodybuilder without letting it take over your life, sapping all your time and leaving you at risk for the horrendous injuries that big time bodybuilders endure. The best part is your body responds to this type of lifting by your muscles getting much bigger. You look much better with big muscles. You can learn more about the program here -

Static Contraction Training

I also walk as many times as I can. My goal is to walk 20 times per month. The lengths of the walks vary from 20 minutes in the day or 2 after a big lifting session when my body is still very tired and sore to a more normal 30 to 45 walk. In the better weather I will walk an hour or more in a real scenic area.

4. Ideas for Fat Men

Eat better. It seems that eating more meat is the key to keeping my weight under control. The more carbohydrates I eat, the more my stomach grows. I just start to crave more and more of this stuff when I start eating it. It is expensive to eat more meat, that is why I struggle to eat as much as I should, It is the cost, no other reason.

5. Ideas for Fat Men

Do what you want to do. You are not here to do what others want you to do. Forget others. I know this is hard. Your whole life has been based on doing what you are told. But look at where you are. Are you living the life you want? You are fat and out of shape because you are trying to do what other people want you to do. You are in a job you hate, so you eat. You are married to the wrong woman so you eat. You grew up in a home where everyone ate too much. You learned to eat to cope. You were bored in school so you ate when you came home from school. You are in all kinds of groups, clubs and activities that you do not like so you eat. Can you see why your life is not how you want it and why you eat too much? You eat too much because your life is not how you want it. The cure is to make it how you want it.

Use these ideas for fat men to improve your life today. It is about choosing to think better about yourself. It is about doing good things for yourself. It is about being your own best friend.

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