Stop Being an
Ugly Old Man

You do not have to be an ugly old man. I have listed some of the problems older men face and some simple solutions.

1. Bags under your eyes. Lack of sleep is the main cause of this problem. You need to sleep a lot more than you have been. Do not fall for the lies that you do not need much sleep. You need to spend more money on a new bed. You need to make getting enough sleep your priority. It also seems that an allergy to wheat may be a cause of the bags. This can be counteracted by not eating so many things made of wheat. You should be avoiding wheat products as much as possible anyway.

2. Larger eyes and wrinkles. This is caused by excessive smoking. You already know that smoking is not good for you. If you cannot or will not stop, at least cut back somewhat. This will help your looks.

3. Your head gets larger. There is nothing you can do about this. But you can keep your hair cut short to minimize the look.

4. Your neck gets smaller. This is why older men look so bad in t-shirts. A good exercise to do is shrugs to keep your neck as large as possible. Shoulder and back exercises will help this area also. Do not wear t-shirts. Stick to collared shirts and the type of t-shirts with a v-neck.

5. You wear old man clothes like - white socks, funny shoes and high water pants. Stop doing this, obviously. Spend more money on better looking clothes that fit you just right. Wear age appropriate clothes but not ugly old man clothes.

6. You get a large gut. Eat more meat and a lot, lot less carbohydrates. Do bodybuilding weight workouts to get the rest of you larger. Do abdominal slimming exercises nearly every day to get a slimmer appearance.

7. You get a flat ass. You need to do leg exercises like leg presses, dead lifting and squats. Men need to make a huge effort to have the rounded butt that women love so much. The science on why women love a round butt is that the muscular looking, rounded butt makes them think you are better at sexual intercourse.

8. You legs get thin and frail. Again, you need to do leg exercises to keep your legs strong and muscular. These heavy leg exercises are hard to do but they are so effective in keeping your legs stronger and bigger. If all you do is run long distances that will not help your leg size.

9. You get pale. This is easily changed by getting some sun. Sunshine is the forgotten component in health and vitality. The sun is demonized, but it appears that the sunscreen makers are the ones who do the demonizing. Everyone looks better with a little more color. It is not just the tan, it is the look of being outside, not like being under a rock.

10. You go bald. You can get treatment for this or you can accept it. A tight to the head haircut is the best look for balding men. Keeping what hair you long is never a good look.

11. You get gray. You can color your hair or you can accept it.

12. You teeth get stained. You can get your teeth whitened.

13. You do not spend enough money on yourself so you look poor.

Even if items 1 through 12 are true you can still look good by spending money on yourself. That is why a ugly old man who is rich mans looks better than a poor man. That is why a 70 year old millionaire looks better than a 40 year old guy in poverty.If you are rich you have to spend plenty of money on good clothes to look even better. Learn how to dress better here - Brad's Fashion Bible

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