What About Body Hair on Men

I know body hair on men is not what you want to hear. But you must. I do not really enjoy talking about it but if you have a lot of hair this is something you need to read.

It never hurts to keep it under control. Start with some trimming and maybe even shave some parts of your body.

You do not want to be one of those guys with extremely long wispy hairs sticking out of your shirt.

You do not want to have an unruly snarl of hair on the back of your neck or anywhere really.

I remember sitting on a beach with my brother years ago. It was a really cool day so no one was really swimming that much. We were talking when we saw what looked like a bear come wading out of the water.

It was not a bear, but a very hairy man. The hair on his back must have been nearly a foot long. It was incredible and not in a good way.

The best looking men take the time and effort to maintain everything, including the hair on their bodies. It is only the men without a clue who let it get out of control.

You are not a caveman anymore who needs the hair to keep warm. It doesn't even really do that anyway. Besides, in caveman days they did not have sharp razors or electric trimmers, now we do.

You shave your face and keep that tamed. You cut your hair so it looks nice. You wear nice clothes to look good. You brush your teeth. You clip your nails. You work on yourself in every area you can. You have to take that final step and trim, trim, trim.

Just get a decent clipper, they do not cost that much. I started out clipping with a scissors but finally broke down and bought a $30 clipper. It works great. Here are some options -

Women like the look of less hair. When you see a guy with a lot of long body hair you always wonder what he is thinking. It just does not look that good.

A little hair does look good to most women. A small amount of closely trimmed body hair is the most flattering look. Here is what they think of pubic hair - Women on pubic hair

The modern clippers work well. It is not that difficult or time consuming to trim your body hair. The only real problem is trimming that part of your back where you cannot reach. You will need someone to do this for you. That part is somewhat embarrassing, but it must be done. I do as much as I can by myself and then have my teenage daughter trim my back. She complains a little but it only takes her a few minutes.

The best tip for doing this task with minimum cleanup work after is to do it outside. Then the hair just blows away. If you trim in the bathtub your drain will get clogged eventually.

I like to keep my body hair under maximum control in the summer. But you are taking off your clothes year round, so you have to do this all year.

You need to especially trim and shave your private parts. Having too much hair around your genitals not only makes everything look smaller, it makes your penis and testicles smaller because the hair takes up even more room in your pants. A big, unruly mess of hair competes for room and it will win.

Trimming and shaving your body is easier for men than women. You do not have to be overly concerned with doing it perfectly or evenly. Just be concerned with getting it under control. No one is judging you. The hair will grow back so if you trim it unevenly, so what. The main thing is to reduce the volume of hair.

You are lifting weights, eating better and your muscles are starting to get bigger and more defined. You do not want a bunch of body hair to cover up what you are working hard for. Get out the clipper.

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