Good Looking Fat Men

Is it possible to be one of the good looking fat men? Large men are not usually considered to be good looking. But is that true? No, it does not have to be that way. A fat man can make the most of what he has and and look great. The main keys are to think highly of yourself, to do what makes sense for you such as how you dress, your facial hair, lifting weights, how you carry yourself and doing more of what you want.

Good Looking Large Men

Here is a list of good looking fat men:

1) James Gandolfini who plays Tony Soprano in The Soprano's. It is tragic that he died so young and tragic that he felt the need to overdo the food, the drinking and the drugs that killed him. The key to be a good looking fat man is to look tough. Big muscles and a big attitude. He does not let anyone push him around. He has the tight haircut that works so well for big men. He wears the good looking suits. He has the big attitude.

2) Rush Limbaugh. Whether you love him or hate him, he is a powerful, rich, famous alpha male. He is rich beyond comprehension and can do whatever he wants. He does not let being overweight stand in his way. He uses his weight to get what he wants.

3) John Goodman. He was kind of a stooge during the Roseanne, years but he has been in countless movies and never plays the stooge in them anymore. He is usually the bold, powerful guy who does what he wants and doesn't care what anyone says. I was looking for some good looking photos of him, but I guess he does not really look that good as a younger man. Now, it looks like he lost a lot of weight and looks fantastic. The point is that he is a well-known and loved actor who has been working in great movies and tv for decades. He did not let being fat get in the way.

More Good Looking Fat Men

4) John Belushi. So funny. I wonder if his problems with drugs stemmed from not being able to overcome his hatred of being fat. I still get sad thinking of him overdosing on drugs. Dying young from whatever cause is such a waste. He provided so much humor, so much entertainment.

5) Jack Black. He is more of a cute fat, rather than a tough fat. I like to be cute, but it is better to work on being tough looking and masculine.

More Good Looking Fat Men

6) Jackie Gleason. I am too young to really get why he was so popular, but I guess he was. They say during his prime that he was one of the highest paid entertainers in the world.

7) Chris Farley. Same as John Belushi. He was just so funny. It is hard to believe that a man that funny, that talented would hate himself so much to overdo the drugs to that degree. I believe that when someone gets so out of control with drugs it is because they are other deep-seated issues. The drugs are a way of masking the pain. I am not a real anti-drug guy. I am an anti-dying young guy. I am a guy who thinks everyone should live out there days as happy and healthy as possible. I do not see why anyone would want to take so many drugs so as to risk dying.

8) Rex Ryan. He is just so brash and seems like such a fun coach, rather than like all the other the stoic coaches who are so dull and boring.

9) John Daly. What a golfer and fun loving guy. I loved reading about his partying, drinking and womanizing. These are some of my may favorite activities too. Usually golf is harder for bigger men. It is hard to work the club around your big gut, big chest and massive arms. I struggle with golf because of it. But I still like to golf with my good friends. We drink out on the course and joke around.

10) Most NFL lineman. A lot of these guys are just so fat, but they have so much muscle to go with it. They are just so powerful. If you have a big stomach and are a large man, the look you want is to get the massive arms, chest and shoulders of a football lineman. Those guys look like they can push over a wall even with their massive guts. The tight football uniform does not do them any favors except for the shoulder pads. When you see those guys without their uniforms they are usually wearing nice, well fitting clothes, so they look sharp. You can learn from them. Of course, having bundles of cash helps on the clothes buying. Instead of complaining of the high cost of nice clothes, you should be spending your time making more money so your can easily purchase them yourself. Every time I am out in normal stores shopping for clothes it is so demoralizing. I can hardly ever find clothes that work for me and even if there is something, there are hardly any choices. You have to shop in big man stores, not regular stores. You are a big man, not a regular person.

Westport Big & Tall: Look Your Best

11) Dr. Joe Vitale. He is one of my favorite prosperity teachers. He is so inspiring. He admits he is working on his weight, but he does not let his weight slow down his life. The amount of writing and products he has created is staggering. I cannot read his work and not feel better. He has a way of making you feel good and that anything is possible.

Of course all these guys should lose weight and be more healthy, the ones who are still alive anyway. But the point is that these men did not let being fat get in the way of having a fantastic career. They are famous and rich. They are powerful. They have had great times.

Good Looking Fat Men can be Alpha Males

They are alpha males. Alpha males do not have to be lean. Sometimes just being a very large man will help you be an alpha male. It may seem hard to believe, but people look up to big men. You can use that to your advantage if you are large.

Obviously, you should take steps to get leaner. You will look better, it is healthier. Certainly you will feel better most of the time.

But what I am really talking about is feeling good now. We all only have now. There is no point in waiting to live your life until you lose weight. You have to live each moment.

Far too many fat people, even good looking fat men, let being fat stand in the way of enjoying life. They rationalize to themselves that they will do whatever it is that they want to do later, after they lose weight.

Have you ever said any of these things?

- I will look for a better job after I lose weight.

- I will will change careers after I lose weight.

- I will start a business after I lose weight.

- I will end this dysfunctional relationship after I lose weight.

- I will do the things I want to do after I lose weight.

I thought all those things. I struggle with them still. But the point is that you only have now to live. You may or may not lose weight. But you will be living. If your job sucks, you need to look for something better. If what you are doing is in a dying industry or it provides no value, then you need to change careers. If you really want to start a business, then start it. If your marriage is in shambles, you need to walk away.

What if you never lose the weight? What if you do not lose the right amount of weight? What if you come up short (or long) of your goal weight?

Will you mentally beat yourself up the rest of your life? You don't want that. You want to become one of the good looking fat men now while you are working on getting more lean.

You do not want to waste your life not doing what you want. You need to engage in life what you really want to do in spite of being fat. Work on becoming one of the good looking fat men now.

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