Fat Man Tips
To Look and Feel Better

Here is a collection of fat man tips to look better and more masculine:

Clothes for Fat Men

Avoid wearing grey shirts. Grey just does not look on almost everyone and especially fat men. Grey t-shirts and grey sweatshirts are everywhere and on everyone and all look bad. Light blue is one of the best color choices for men. White is good. Some reds are flattering. Not the red you see at college football games, but a softer red. You just cannot go wrong by looking for and buying light blue shirts.

Never wear black shirts. My dad is 71 years old and is a little heavy. He has it under control. But for some reason he is fixated with black shirts. Every time I see him he is wearing a black shirt. He just does not look good this way even though he is a good looking man. I think he likes to wear black because if he spills coffee or food on his shirt it does not show. I know that spilling food is a huge problem for a lot of men. As you get older your hands do not work that great anymore. I feel for men who have spent a lifetime working and abusing their hands until they are all gnarled up and not able to function as well. I am only 46 and I have a problem with one of my hands. So I know men like to not show the spills, but a better way if you tend to spill is to concentrate more on eating and drinking. Take a little more time.

Buy better shoes that have heels. The heels always look better than flat bottomed shoes. A fat man needs to have more supportive shoes. Your weight will cause your shoes to wear out very quickly. My shoes all look fine months after I buy them. The tops are hardly worn at all but I can feel that the bottoms have no more support. My feet and lower legs ache. This is a huge problem because shoes are so expensive. I have no easy solution here. You have to make hard choices. Do you buy good shoes more often and feel good?

Try to wear your shirts out rather than tucked in your pants. The tucking accentuates your gut and makes it look more prominent. You need to try to find shirts that just graze over your gut slightly, not too large of a shirt. This un-tucked shirt should hang only hang a few inches below your belt line. It should be below your belt about half way down your ass at the most. In other words people should be able to see the bottom of your ass, not the top.

Your pants should not be tight. Tight pants are too hard on your penis and testicles. The tight pants look is really only good for women anyway. Thin men just look like fools with the tight pants. Fat men look really bad in tight pants.

Men, and fat men in particular do not look good in flip flops. You need to buy leather sandals that mostly cover your feet for summer.

Tennis shoes are better the more white they are. Avoid all the garish colors.

Do not buy too many pairs of jeans. Every year or so the color of jeans change. Jeans are so durable that they seem to last for decades. You still see men wearing the light colored jeans that were in style in the 1980's. Since jeans do not really wear out unless you are working on your knees a lot, you will be tempted to keep them. I avoid this problem by only having a few good pairs at a time.

Westport Big & Tall: Look Your Best

Your clothes will help your confidence and your looks more than anything else. If you look deeper at handsome men you will see that they do not really look that good at all. This is normal. As a red blooded man you should not be impressed with so-called handsome celebrities. You will see that they are not that great looking. What they are is well dressed and in better shape than the average man. They have the confidence that comes from fame. Learn more about dressing well here -

Brad's Fashion Bible You don't have to be born good looking. But you can become good looking.

Fat Man Tips for Your Hair

Get a tight to your head haircut more often. Maybe every 3 to 4 weeks. Fat men just look so much better with a tight haircut. Fat men with a large head of hair is more of a comedy look. Think of the guy in the movie Hangover. He is a little fat and has the large bushy hair. He would look fine with a tight haircut. He only has the bushy hair to look more ridiculous and funny. You do not want to look funny. You want to look good and the way to look good when you are fat is to look tough. Tough means tight haircut. Bushy hair is more for soft men. Think of a crazy professor. You can learn how to regrow your hair.

Fat Man Tips for Your Body

Start eating better. Eating better for fat men means to eat a lot more meat and a lot less, to the point of hardly any, carbohydrates. The excess carbohydrates you crave are what causes your weight gain. Breads, candy bars, donuts, noodles, potatoes, chips, soda, cookies and crackers are the problem. The solution is steak, eggs, cheese, salad, water, low carbohydrate beer infrequently, diet soda and black coffee.

Sleep more. The less you sleep the fatter you will be. When you are tired you will eat. You will eat more at night. You will more all the time. A better way is to just take a nap or go to bed if you are hungry.

Get more sun. You need the sun in order to feel good and look good. The less sunshine you get the worse you will look and feel.

More Fat Man Tips

Don't look at thin men as a guide on what will look good on you if you are fat. The main fat man tips is you have to tailor your look to you and your size. You will not look good by modeling how thin men look. You have to look at good looking larger men as a guide. Thin men in the magazines wear stuff that looks terrible on bigger men. I think it looks terrible on thin men also, but that is another article. You have to wear what you want, that looks good on you and is comfortable.

Fat Man Tips - Avoid Looking Like a Girl

Concentrate your efforts on being more manly. This means more muscles. This is a huge fat man tips. The best weight lifting program for men has been developed by Pete Sisco and is called Static Contraction Training. It is the best because it does not take much time and it is very effective.

Click Here for Pete Sisco's Static Contraction workout!

Do not wear things that are more girlish. This would be things like thin banded watches, tight pants, wildly colored shirts, goofy shoes and wildly colored glasses. All these things look good on women because they are for women. Fat men need to concentrate more on looking like men. Being fat causes men to produce estrogen which causes them to be more womanly. You have to do more man things to counteract this. Lift weight, sleep more and eat more meat.

Fat Man Tips for Your Body Hair

Get a body shaver to trim your body hair. You will need someone to trim the hair on your back. I have my daughter do this for me now every month or so. It grows like a weed, but fat men do not look good with long body hair. The body hair trimmers really work good. I just try to do most of this trimming outside on my deck early in the morning so no one sees me. If you do it outside there is less mess to clean up. When you do it in the bathtub all this hair clogs your drain, so that is a problem. I try to do this more often so there is not so much hair. The first time you do this you may have an incredible amount of hair. Be prepared for a mess.

Fat Man Tips for More Confidence

You can gain some confidence by dressing better (see Brad's Fashion Bible) and making an effort to improve your fitness. Any effort you make to improve your fitness will help. You do not have to do what THEY say. You just need to do what you can. The fitness gurus will tell you to work out for only an hour a day. Most men do not have an hour a day to work out. Your life is full. That is the problem. You have work. You have a spouse. You have children. You have lots of responsibilities. If you do not have an hour you will be tempted to give up. After all, why bother. You bother because it is your life and your health we are talking about. You use what time you have. It may only be 5 minutes, but that is better than nothing. You may only have one hour a week. So use that one hour a week.

Being fat is not a death sentence. Plenty of men are fat and live great lives. You can make an effort to lose weight but you can also live a great life while you are fat. You do not have to wait to get thin to live. You can live now.

Just because you are fat does not mean you cannot look and feel good. Use these fat man tips to look better and feel better now.

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