Why Good Posture is so Important
For Men

Good posture is always talked about. We are told that we need it to feel good,to look more confident and that we need it to attract women.

But why? Why does having better posture make you look more confident, feel good and attract women? Nobody ever explains why when it is so much easier and more comfortable to have poor posture.

I have finally stumbled on the answer when I looked at myself in the mirror with my shirt off.

As I looked at myself with my shoulders pulled way back my chest, that I have been building for years with bodybuilding, looked good. My chest was all fanned out, flat and looked good like a bodybuilders.

Then when my shoulders hunched forward I was aghast. My flat, fanned out chest muscles fell forward and looked bunchy, soft and big and almost like a women's.

The problem is that When a man's shoulders round forward and sag down his chest will bunch up and look more like a woman's breast.

It is just so obvious once you look at yourself in the mirror a few time with your shoulders pulled back and when you let them fall forward. You just look so bad with the puffy man breasts and so good when your chest is pulled back when you shoulders are drawn back as far as they will go.

So the reason you look good when you have better posture is that you look like a man and not a woman. You will give off a masculine look with a broad chest and wider shoulders. As soon as your shoulders droop and sag forward you look womanly.

Do you remember that scene in Seinfeld when George was worried that he was inheriting his mothers large breasts? Too funny.

Even more funny was the Mansier that Kramer and George's father were working on.

This was so funny because it was so true of too many men. The man breasts come from a problem of being too heavy and not having good posture.

That is the reason.

Once you understand the reason that you look so bad and so feminine with poor posture you can take steps to correct this.

You will remember this reason always.

The hard part of making positive changes in anything is still the doing it and having better posture is no different. You have probably been hunching and sagging for years. All the hours spent in school, at work at a desk and in front of a computer forces your body to hunch forward. If your eyesight is not perfect you will need to hunch forward even more. You cannot just wake up today and say my posture is perfect and it will be. You have to work at it. You have to think about.

You have to work at it and think about it constantly until it becomes just as much of a habit as your poor posture is. It will take time, who knows how long.

I think one really good way to think about it and work on it is to study yourself in a mirror with your shirt off. This way you can see the effects of good posture with your own eyes in vivid detail.

Life seems to be conspiring against men having good posture. It almost seems like you neeed superhuman eyesight to see or read anything without bending forward. Keeping current on your eyesight prescription and using reading glasses may help here.

What you really need to concentrate on is sitting and leaning back as much as you can whenever you do not actually have to bend forward.

Even most cars and chairs will force you shoulders to round forward. A better chair for men is one that it perfectly flat or even better with the shoulder areas farther away from your body than the middle. The middle of the chair should force your shoulders back.

Once you see this you can take steps to correct. You can look for better chairs. You can put a pillow or towel behind your back. You work on your posture throughout the day.

It will not be easy because you have been doing this for years.

But just because something is not easy does not mean you cannot do it. Especially, something as important to your looks, your health and your attractiveness to women as good posture.

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