Best Cars for Fat Men
Big Men and all Men

The best cars for fat men, big men and all men are big. There is nothing so wrong as seeing a great big guy behind the wheel of some tiny car. It is like you are trying to look like a clown.

A car is the most important thing to any man. They create your freedom. They give you power. They give you a way to make a living. Cars are fun. Cars look good. Everyone loves a nice big or really cool car.

The only people who do not think cars are the most invention of all time are just hopelessy stupid.

If you have a choice between a car and a smart phone what do you choose?

You know I am right.

I want all the tools, the smart phones, the laptops, the plasma tv, but what I mostly want is a nice big vehicle that fits me and does what I need it to do.

The best cars for fat men are big. You just will not have much of a life in a small car. It will not happen. You really want to make buying a big car, or better yet, truck, as soon as you can in your young life.

I did not do this. I kept following the lame advice that a small car is more economical. You are better off putting your money in the stock market or into real estate.

Look how that is working.

A man should spend his big money on his needs. And your needs are a big, comfortable car of some kind.

I think a full-size pickup with 4 doors and 4 wheel drive is the best choice. But I can also appriciate all the SUV's. They are very good looking, fun to drive and handy.

Even a big 4 door car is a better choice than some little car.

A better way to think of your finances is that you will put a bunch of money into a great car that gets you to work, gets you to important business and social meetings, carries you, your friends and your family comfortably to wherever you want to go. What is more important than that?

Not putting a few thousand into the stock market to see your money go up and down and disappear.

Not putting it into a big house you do not really want and can't really afford.

Get the car first. Make buying or leasing a big, quality car your first priority before your stock portfolio and your home. You want to get in the habit of either paying for a car or setting aside money for a car.

Investing and buying real estate is fine. I have no problem with that as long as you get the right car taken care of first.

This is your life we are talking about. Your life is better the moment you slide behind the wheel of that nice big new vehicle. The effects of your stock investments will not be seen for years and may not be there when you need it. Your car is right there, ready for you to use.

A house is a little better. But a house costs so much. You want to be sure you can handle the payments on a great car first and only buy a house when you can easily afford it. You do not want to skimp on a car to get a better house. A better way is to skimp on the house to get a better car.

A fat man is just a big man. So you need to get a car that is big. You do not want to assume that you will lose weight and fit into a small car eventually. It is great to lose weight, but a big vehicle is always better.

Don't worry about the gas mileage. Cut back elsewhere. Eat less. Buy or rent less expensive housing. Spend less on entertainment. The easiest way to spend less on gas is to just drive less. When you actually calculate how much money you save by driving a car with better gas mileage you will be shocked at how little it is. The savings is only in the hundreds of dollars per year. Your safety, comfort and pride are worth a few hundred dollars aren't they?

The best cars for fat men are full-size, 4 door, 4 wheel drive pickups; 4 door, 4 wheel drive SUVs and big 4 door cars that have a lot of power. Any other choice and you are just fooling yourself. You will not be happy. The best choice of cars for fat men are what make you the happiest. You will enjoy driving a larger vehicle. You will be able to do more. These larger vehicles just make so much more sense.

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