Worst Cars for Men

There are so many types of cars to choose from. Start your picking by knowing what the worst cars for men are. Then you know what not to get.

I am talking about features that do not make any sense. 

Worst Cars for Men

The worst features are:

1) Any type of small car. I just cannot see how any man can find this type of car convenient. I know there will be times in your life when you need a small, inexpensive car, but those times need to be short. Little cars, besides being cramped, noisy and uncomfortable, are not safe. Any accident you have will not be kind to you. Do yourself the biggest favor of your life and get a larger car.

2) Two door cars of any size just do not make any sense. The slightly bigger door and slightly sleeker look are not a good reason to spend a bundle of money on something that will be a major irritation and annoyance in your life for years to come.

3) Cars without trunks or adequate storage space. This would be like the old Corvettes where you would have to slide your suitcase between the seats into some sort of a space in the rear. One of my old roommates had a car like this but I could not believe how much effort it took and how difficult it was for him to squeeze just a few belongings back there.

4) Sport Utility Vehicles with only 2 doors. I already mentioned 2 door cars above but I think it is worth repeating. The beauty of Sport Utility Vehicles is that they are so handy and convenient. If you get one with only 2 doors you are not getting one of their best features. I really love Sport Utility Vehicles and have one now with 4 doors. They are almost as good as a pickup truck.

5) Vehicles with the full size spare tire mounted on a swinging gate on the rear of the vehicle. This will just always be in your way. It will be hard to see out your rear window. It takes up more room in your garage and while parking. It is one more thing you have to move every time you want to put something in the back or take something out. Then the worst will be as the vehicle gets older the swinging gate will lose its balance and want to always be swinging back toward the vehicle right when you have your back to it. I just saw this happen to one of my neighbors. He has an older Chevy Trailblazer. He was even parked on a flat area and was fiddling around in the back of the vehicle. The gate swung back and hit him in the back. He was not injured seriously but I could tell this really stung and he was not happy about this at all. For him that car with the spare tire was one of the worst cars for men.

6) Excessively long trucks that do not fit in your garage and that are hard to maneuver in parking lots. You may need a truck for your lifestyle, but you need to be aware that there are drawbacks. Of course it is a pet peeve of mine that garages are made too short.

7) Cars that are expensive to maintain. You have to do some research on your desired car to determine if it is the type of car that is much harder to maintain than normal cars.

8) Cars that are prone to needing excessive repairs. You should study the Consumer Reports to find what cars to avoid based on their repair history.

9) Black cars. Black always shows the dirt more than any other color. Black cars are harder to see on the highway and are less safe than brighter colored cars.

10) Cars with ugly paint colors. It is hard to believe that there are so many ugly car colors. You do have to look at your car all the time, why not get one with a color you actually like?

11) Any car that you buy that you can only use occasionally. What I mean is that since cars are expensive, it is prudent to buy a car that works for you in almost every situation that you would find yourself in. You may end up owning that car for 10 years or more. You cannot assume that you will be able to be buying a new car every couple of years as your needs change. You have to assume that your needs will change and buy a car based on that.

Use this list of worst cars for men when you start car shopping.

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