Trust the Universe
and Allow the World to Flow

Things are happening exactly as they need to happen. Trust the universe.

The more you trust in that the more you will understand that the world is exactly how it needs to be.

You don't have to struggle against it. You don't have to wonder why. You just have to allow.

When you watch or listen or read the news (if you even bother to do this) you can just gloss over it as what the world needs now to get to where it needs to be.

Your life is exactly how it has to be. You can trust the universe and choose not to get upset about the way things are.

Every negative situation is really an opportunity for you. Either a learning experience or nudge in the direction you need to go. Sometimes the nudge is a shove over a cliff. Sometimes it is just a dull ache.

The trick is to realize this and see it and allow it to happen.

The more you allow it to happen, the happier you will be. You give up fighting. You give up struggle. You give up thinking things have to remain as they are or to suit your needs.

In northern Wisconsin there is a struggle by mine developers to get the permits to start mining some mineral in northern Wisconsin that is in demand. The mine will bring thousands of construction jobs to construct the mine, hundreds or maybe thousands of jobs to operate the mine, thousands of jobs related to mining such as building the equipment and providing services to the workers.

The mine would probably revitalize one third of the entire state.

But the legislators have not passed the laws to allow the mine to be constructed and operated and they may not pass it.

I could be upset about this. I am a civil engineer and have designed hundreds of development projects. I did not design any mines, but that does not mean I won't at some point. I have nothing against mines, they are of vital importance to everyone. Being a civil engineer, I know how important construction and development are to an economy.

But I knew as soon as I heard about the mine a few years ago that the chances of the mine going ahead were very slim.

The type of people who work to oppose development are very cunning. They will never back down. They will not quit. It does not matter the politics. The type of people who oppose development do not seem to see that they are stealing from others. The politicians are either afraid of these people or are owned by these people, so they decide.

At first I was angered by all this.

But the more I think about it the more I realized - what does it matter to me? I am going to trust the universe knows what is needed in northern Wisconsin.

I don't want to move to northern Wisconsin and work up there. The winters are very long and very severe. It is a great place to visit on summer weekends, but who would want to live there all the time?

I even think it is foolish for people to live in northern Wisconsin anyway. The climate is so terrible. Sometimes I think everyone should move to the south and only visit the north once in awhile.

I don't want to design the mine. This would seem like a boring job that would never end. I do not want to work in jobs related to mining either. If the miners buy my books or read my website articles, that would be fine. But I have a feeling they won't.

I don't care about it all that much.

The point is it does not matter.

If enough people want the mine, there will be a mine. I enough people, or lack of enough people don't, there will be no mine.

So I am going with the flow on this one. I don't care. It does not affect me.

Maybe people up north do not really want the mine anyway. Maybe they like eking out a meager living instead of making good wages with full time work. Maybe the people who want to work left northern Wisconsin long ago and the only ones left are the ones who don't like to work that much.

Maybe it is not the time for a mine anyway?

Who know, it is not my concern. I am going to trust the universe on this one.

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