Inspired Living
Versus Waiting for Others
What sounds better?

Do you want inspired living where each moment has the potential for greatness? Where you are constantly making improvements in your life and working on expanding your life and doing what you want?

Or do you wait for others to tell you what to do?

Are you waiting until after the elections to start living? Do you think times will get better after that?

Are you waiting to start a business until times are better?

Are you hoping your wife will start treating you better?

Are you going to work at a job you really don't like?

Do you only go out and do something fun if your friends ask you?

This is not inspired living.

This type of living is what most people do. I did this for decades. I spent most of my time waiting for others to decide what to do and hoping other people would notice me and treat me better.

This type of living is all wrong. It is not inspired living at all, it is uninspired living.

Waiting for others is not only lame, but will not give you any measure of satisfaction. How could it, your happiness hinges on other people? You life can only be as good as other people are to you. That is no way to live.

Aware people do what makes them happy.

Power mad users try to force others to defer their happiness to them.

You want to get out from under the control of power mad users and start the inspired living of your choosing.

You cannot go through life waiting for others to get what you want. You can only rely on yourself.

I have been having some trouble with my ex-wife lately. How she is has been upsetting me. I was not understanding life properly.She was talking or acting in the way she has always done, and I have been getting upset, the way I always did.

The trouble is more me, how I perceive the situation. She comes into my life as she always has, in an irritating and frustrating way. I know how she is, so I should be emotionally ready for her. But it still happens.

She will be in a rage or in a huff about how somebody did something to her, and I will react defensively and get all upset because I take it as me.

I will get mad and she will say it was not me, it was someone else.

I will say, if it is someone else, why are you telling me? I don't want to hear it. There is nothing I have done and nothing I can do and I can offer nothing. Don't tell me. Just go away.

This pattern has played out countless times over the years of our marriage and right up to the present.

It is like I am stuck with this bad person forever.

But is that true?

No, I am realizing the pattern and am starting to take steps to get past her.

I can change and so can you. My thinking about inspired living is me finding a way to come to some sort of peace with how she is. I know that she will be difficult at times, that is why I left. I should not be surprised.

She has some type of mental or emotional problem. It is why I left her. It is why our children left her to live with me. It is why she has such a difficult time dealing with life.

I have no way of correcting her. I can only write these stories as a healing tonic for me. I hope that other people going through traumatic times with people who are not good for them can get something from this.

I have lived in the pain of a bad marriage for far too long and I cannot stand the thought of men like me suffering like I did because they don't know what to do.

I know what to do. I did it. I left her. I took my life into my own hands and walked away. This was my inspired living at it's finest moment. Leaving my wife was the hardest thing I have ever done and the best.

Leaving your wife will be a terribly difficult ordeal that you will struggle endlessly through. It will not be easy at all. It will be difficult.

The good news is that once you leave any bad situation behind you will start to heal. You will be able to put your life together in a way that is good for you.

There has not been one second since I left that I have doubted my decision. I do not miss being with her. I do not miss any aspect of being married to her. My first glimpse of inspired living was when I left her.

She even helps along the way by when I start to feel too good or too satisfied with how I am, she comes into my life and reminds me with a vengeance how bad she is and how horrible it is to be with someone like her.

I was just having this discussion with my mom and dad the other day. We were laughing about it. Every time we started to say what I wanted to do or they said what they wanted to do, someone would say we can't because of her. Then we'd laugh.

It is so ridiculous to wait for others to do something or not do something.

At one point they said my niece, who is in high school, wants to be a doctor, maybe a heart surgeon. Someone said well if Obama is reelected he is going to put in a program that will pay for medical training as long as you agree to work in a rural area for a period of time.

This is exactly the type of waiting for others that you do not want to do. What difference does it make who is president as to your career choice? How can any program really help you to do or not do what you want?

It is really stupid to defer your dreams or even change your dreams based on someone else. Even if the someone else is president. Inspired living is doing what you want, not waiting on new programs, or whoever is president or anyone at all except for you.

In fact it is probably better to do as much in opposition or opposite of what the masters want.

I find that the more I go against what people I disrespect and despise, the better my life is.

Why would anyone wait for someone else to do what they really want to do? It makes no sense.

But I understand that it is a hard problem to overcome. But the more you think of inspired living the more naturally you will come to think that you matter.

You want to go out on a weekend night. You call some friends and they cannot make it or are busy.

If you are like most people you stay home. You can't go out because someone else can't. Your decision is based on someone else.

Or, the way you want to move toward, is you go out alone. If you want to go out, go out. If you don't want to go out, don't.

It is more and more simple the more you do it.

If you want to start a business, do that. It is not that hard or expensive to start small web-based businesses. So what if it doesn't succeed right away or at all. The thing to do is start and learn. Not wait.

If you want to get into a different type of work, start doing that. You don't have to wait for others to help you.

When I was married we lived in Milwaukee Wisconsin early in our marriage. I did not like living there. I like Milwaukee for occasional visiting but have not really enjoyed living there even though I lived there for 13 years. I started investigating other places to work and live. I did research on other Wisconsin cities that I thought would give me, my wife and children the benefits and features we would both like.

When I showed her all this information and all the pros and cons of all the areas and explained why I wanted to move and how it was my dream, she would not hear of it. She did not want to move from Milwaukee or the immediate surrounding area.

I let her destroy my dream. I had my reasons for wanting to leave. She had her reasons for wanting to stay. She decided to stay and my dreams were deferred.

She had the stronger reality than I.

So I have been unhappy ever since because of this decision.

We did eventually move out of the City into the surrounding suburbs. This was better than living in the City. But it is not what I truly wanted. I eventually left my wife but she and I still live in the suburbs.

Now, I am staying here because my children do not want to leave. My son is in high school and my daughter is in middle school. They like their schools and the schools are fine. They like the friends they have met and would not want to leave them.

So, I am going to stay for them.

You might have to defer your dreams somewhat for some people. My kids are the most important people to me, so I will stay as long as I can. Their needs are just as important as mine.

But you see how all this works don't you. You have to be careful in where you live and how you let others influence you.

I am moving toward doing more and more of what I want. I am moving toward a freer and freer lifestyle with the inspired living concepts I am working on.

It is inevitable that I will have the type of life that I want. I have no excuse now. I know what to do. I know how to manifest things into my life.

This inspired living idea is most clearly explained in the program I have recently received called The Secret of Deliberate Creation.

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