100 Ways to be a Better Man

Here is my list of 100 ways to be a better man:

1. Lift weights.

2. Walk.

3. Take golf lessons.

4. Take ski lessons.

5. Love your children unconditionally.

6. Get haircuts more often.

7. Grow your facial hair.

8. Do abdominal exercises every day.

9. Sing whenever you get a chance.

10. Practice smiling.

11.Don't take life so seriously.

12. Don't be an ass.

13.Don't be a bastard.

14.Criticize as little as you can.

15. Keep a one hundred dollar bill hidden in your wallet.

16. Work your way out of debt.

17.Work on your personal freedom.

18. Quit jobs that do not help anyone.

19. Leave relationships that are not loving.

20. Call your parents every week.

Be a Better Man

21. Be free. Explore your own freedom. Realize that you will not be free without expanding the massive effort to be free. They will not grant you freedom. They are only interested in taking your freeom. Do not cooperate with them.

22. Get up earlier and do what you want to do.

23. Go to bed earlier so when you get up earlier you feel great.

24. Drink fresher coffee.

25. Drink colder beer.

26. Make plans to travel and carry them out.

27. Buy the type of big vehicle that makes the most sense to you.

28. Work on making more money.

29. Spend the money that you make on things that you want.

Don't be so eager to give it all away to others.

30. Remember that you matter just as much as anyone else.

31. Do some type of stretching especially your back, hips and shoulders.

32. Turn off the TV.

33. Do watch some good movies.

34. Use the TV to help you relax and recharge during those times when you are run down and getting ill. If you feel good, there is not much need for the TV.

35. If you are feeling rundown get even more rest and take vitamin C.

36. Get in the sun more often without covering up with clothes or sunscreen.

37. Work on aspects of your life that are frustrating to get these situations behind you.

38. Start a blog.

39. Start a website.

40. Write a book.

Be a Better Man

41. Read more books to help your writing.

42. Do not expect anything from anyone.

43. Guide your children into the things that they are talented in and that they love.

44. Do not push your children into things they don't like.

45. Let your children quit what they don't like doing.

46. Always be ready to take the heat for your children.

47. Be there for your children. Let them know they can count on you.

48. Be honest with your children on what you cannot do.

49. Question everything.

50. Suspect authority.

51. Cherish your free time.

52. Explore the internet.

53. Explore the world.

54. Explore the area you live in now.

55. Explore the area you want to move to.

56. Backup your data.

57. Keep a cushion of money in your checking account.

58. Pay with cash.

59. Carry a lot of cash with you.

60. Dress better.

Be a Better Man

61. Wear better shoes, especially boots.

62. Be tougher. Do things to make you more tough.

63. Find ways to look more masculine.

64. Look all women in the eye.

65. Look all men in the eye.

66. Do not be afraid of women, men or anyone.

67. Not being afraid does not mean you put yourself in stupid situations.

68. Get organized.

69. Keep your surroundings picked up.

70. Keep your surroundings clean.

71. Eat more meat.

72. Eat a lot less carbohydrates.

73. Enjoy your times when you drink.

74. Don't drink so often.

75. Enjoy big meals.

76. Don't have that many big meals.

77. Be proactive.

78. Lose the guilt.

79. Buy stuff that you want.

80. Buy pants that are more loose.

Be a Better Man

81. Wear boxer shorts, not briefs.

82. Do kegel exercises.

83. Have plenty of toilet paper on hand.

84. Get directions.

85. Learn how to read maps.

86. Go after the women that you want.

87. Do not settle for the woman you do not really want.

88. Do not have children until you are ready.

89. Avoid letting others decide anything for you.

90. You matter because you are here.

91. Write down your ideas.

92. Carry something to write with all the time.

93. Use a planner book.

94. Question why you need to do things that do not make sense to you.

95. Put things in your home that you like.

96. Concentrate on your comfort.

97. Buy the types of pictures and paintings that you want to look at.

98. Get a recliner.

99. Look for easier ways to do things.

100. Always remember that it is your life to live as you see fit. You are not here to be told what to do and how to live. You are here to live as you see fit.

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