Your Kids Activities

Just cut back on forcing your kids activities. You do not have to make them do everything. Let them choose what they want to do and let them quit if it is not working out.

How does it affect you? What difference does it make to your life? How does what you are doing, or not doing, contributing to your happiness?

So many parents get involved in the sports, clubs and groups that their children are in. Then they spend all their spare time dealing with that.

How is that helping your enjoyment of life?

How is it helping your children to grow up and deal with life if you are there telling them what to do, how to be and being overly involved?

Wouldn't you rather do what you want to do?

Wouldn't it be better for them if you stepped into the background and let them do what they do?

Just because you are have children does not mean you have to spend every spare moment catering to their needs.

Why do you have to get involved in our child's activities?  I think you just guide them and choose good activities that your kids will likely enjoy and get something from. 

Isn't the activity for your child?

If you feel you have to be involved to make it right for your child, maybe the activity is not right for them. If the only way you think it would be good for them is if you are there doing it for them, maybe it is not really a good fit.

Playing sports is not that difficult for kids. Kids do not need parents to help. Kids having fun playing sports is natural. They don't you need you to do it for them. Your kids activities are for them, not you.  Spend enough time and energy helping them decide.  Here is a resource if your kids love baseball  - Helpful Baseball Drills.

I just give my daughter a ride, usually that is all she needs. I am there for there if she needs me. Most of the time she doesn't. That is the point of her growing up. She gets older and does not need me so much. I will always be there for her if she needs me. But if it gets to the point where she needs me, then her life will be spinning out of control and not good for her.

That was my life when I left my wife. I did not need my parents that much all my adult life. Then when I left my wife, I really needed them. Now that my life has stabilized, I no longer need them so much.

That is really the way it is best. Each person living a good life without needing so much from someone else.

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