Mothers Day Gift Ideas

My mother is still alive and doing well. I have an ex-wife who my kids will need to get a Mothers Day gift for. You probably have women in your life who are mothers.

I do not really like to buy gifts for other people that much. I love to get stuff for me. I used to hate to buy things for me, but thankfully have grown past that stupid, mindless thinking of my past. I spend quite a bit of time happily thinking about and writing down what I want. I cannot say I spend much time thinking about what I would give to others, even my children. They are quite capable of thinking of what they want for themselves and will tell me.

If I am similar to many men, then you probably do not have that many good gift ideas for Mothers Day.

Here are some gift ideas for the mothers in your life:

1. Jewelry. Women always seem to love getting new earrings, necklaces and bracelets. They just cannot seem to have enough. They always want something new and different. This type of gift is perfect because it fits in everyone's budget. You can spend a dollar or two all the way up to millions. This will work for anyone.

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2. Food items. Everyone loves to eat, women too. sweets, especially chocolates. Coffees, lattes and teas. Maybe even a full frozen meal.

3. Simple clothing items. You have to be careful with sizing. Socks and scarves work well. Other clothing if you know her size and tastes.

4. Items for the hobbies that she enjoys. My mom loves to sew and quilt, so I can always get her something like that.

5. Books that relate to her interests. Sewing, quilting, cooking, baking, mysteries, home remodeling, home furnishings, organizing, mysteries, child rearing, relationships, dramas are all things that many women enjoy. Just look at the books she already has and pick out something like that.

6. Gift cards for the restaurants that she likes. There is probably a restaurant that she talks about loving or one near where she lives or one she talks about trying. You have to keep your ears open and make notes for future reference.

7. Gift cards for the stores that she normally goes to. My mom loves to shop at Goodwill, Marshalls, WalMart, The Dollar Store and quilting stores. So I can never go wrong with a gift card from those places. Just get a card from where you know she is going to go anyway.

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8. Photographs of special people on something she can use like a coffee cup, coaster or something like that.

Buying Mothers Day gifts does not need to be difficult or expensive.

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