Self Improvement
For Men

Why is self improvement for men any different than for women?

Because men want, desire and need different things than women. Mostly, men want women. We want to be more attractive, or more desirable or more in demand to women.

If you work on improving yourself in ways that women do, you will not be desirable to them. You will be more feminine. Not only will it be more difficult to attract woman, your life will be unsatisfactory to you.

There is, of course, some overlap in what men and women want and in self improvement. But this site is for men and men need to concentrate on doing men type things men like:

Self Improvement for Men

1. Building muscle by lifting heavy weights. Just as a woman looks best with slender arms with some tone, a man looks best with big arms that are big and muscular looking with visible veins.

2. Increasing your testosterone levels. Women with higher testosterone levels are not that desirable. These are the women who are more hairy, with deeper voices, larger chins, stockier bodies and who seem to be more aggressive and seem more like men. The higher your testosterone levels the more manly you will be. You do need to concentrate on this if you tend to low on testosterone. You will also need to work on this as you age. The world we live in now is very hard on men. All the things that are needed for men to increase and keep a high testosterone level are difficult to do.

3. Concentrate on looking more like a man in everything you do. The types of clothes and shoes you wear. The type of car you drive. The types of things you do for a living. The types of things you do for leisure. The way you live. You just cannot be happy living in a womanly way. If you live with a woman you need to keep some parts of your home just for you.

4. Do man stuff. Hunting, fishing, golfing, playing sports, watching sports and chasing women. Working outside on your yard, garden or land. Building businesses. Developing your career. Having adventures. Adventures will normally have a bit of danger like competitive sports, skydiving, skiing, camping, mountain climbing and even drinking.

5. Being a man women love. Women love the more manly men. This is why the bad boys do better with women. It is not because they are bad, it is because they are more like men.

6. Making plenty of money. Money, and lots of it will make every part of your life easier and better.

7. Taking care of your responsibilities. If you have a family it is your job to take care of them. It is your highest priority to at least take care of yourself so you are not a burden on others.

Concentrate on doing self improvement for men and do what you want to do and need to do.

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