Why WE need to Do Something
Is one of the Worst Sayings Ever

I cannot stand the idea that WE need to do something. Just the very thought that you can tell me what to do, what I ought to do, what I should be doing sends me into a rage.

What gives anyone the right to tell me what to do?

What gives me the right to tell you what to do?


It is only someone taking control with force that makes this telling others what to do possible.

I only suggest, offer and recommend. I never insist or demand. I never say WE need to do something. I only think what can I do about this.

I am using sound principles and rational, clear, logical reasoning based on my experience and my understanding of the world.

This is how I came to my decisions.

You do not have to do anything I say.

I am not going to force you into it. I am not going to point a gun at you and force you to pay taxes and do what I say. I am not going to cross the street to force you to do anything.

I am not going to limit your freedom in any way.

I am not going to hurt anyone without a good reason.

I am only going to beat you up and kill you if you hurt me or my children. Do you get that? If you do not hurt me or my kids you will have no trouble with me. But if you do hurt us, you will have lots of trouble.

Getting back to WE.

Some sort of tragedy will happen and someone will say WE have to do something or someone will hear something in the media and it will sound good, sound like the right thing to do.

That person will then say that WE all need to do that.

I hear about what happened and think to myself, why do WE have to do anything? This situation may be tragic, but if you look deeper it could have been avoided with better thinking by whoever was involved.

You can think of whatever was said as just a suggestion, not a command.

You can just tune out anyone who says WE need to do something.

Get away from thinking that WE all need to do this or WE all need to do that.

Think, what do I need to do. What do I want to do? What should I do in this case or in that case?

Think what you will do if your daughter is raped and you know who did it.

Think what you will do if your son joins a gang.

Think what you do if you are wronged.

Think what you will do if your neighbors dog barks all night, every night and he will not do anything about it.

Think of these scenarios and have some plans on how you will react.

Even better than thinking about how you deal with these terrible situations is thinking about how to avoid all these problems in the first place.

Think how about how you can treat your children so that they can avoid being raped and joining gangs. Think about where you move to so that it is unlikely that your neighbor will have a bad, barking dog.

You can just take matters into your own hands. What will you do if something negative happens. I am always thinking and planning and taking steps and actions to make my life better. I am minding my own business.

That is what I do.

When someone gets on TV and says WE need to do this and WE need to do that and we need to do something, I know the person is either insane or power hungry and I do not listen. Besides, I have a strong inclination that this quest for power over others is a mental illness.

This gets into the idea of WE the people of the US. We do not need to do anything. I am not going to just do what they say.

I am going to do what I say.

The more you think that we need to do something, the more your life will suck. You will wait and wait for someone else to do something. Days go by and weeks go by and years go by and you have done nothing. And that is at best. Sometimes the we does something and it really hurts you. Laws are passed. Regulations are enforced. Taxes are raised. And inflation occurs. These things only hurt you, they never help. This is the WE in action.

If you want to do something, then you just do it. You don't need to get a bunch of other people to do it with you. Just start doing it.

Don't try to convince me to do it, or force me. If it makes sense for me to help you, I may. But I will not willingly help if I am forced. I will look for a way out of it. I will drag my feet. I will do a poor job.

We can't really do anything anyway about the world. I don't have the time to change it. I barely have enough time to do the things I want. That is my priority.

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