Stop Believing Lies

Stop believing lies and your life gets better. You grow up.

When you were a child you believed in things that were not true. Things like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and other things like that.

Your parents and everyone else lied to you about that to try to make your childhood more magical and interesting. Your parents made an elaborate charade for your benefit.

I did that for years for my kids. The reason I and my wife did it was that it was customary and to see the look of surprise and wonderment on the kids faces. It was satisfying as a parent to do that. Trying to bring joy and happiness to your children.

But it was a lot of work. Holidays were stressful, especially Christmas. Hiding gifts, buying the gifts when the kids were not looking, getting the gifts set up late at night.

I'm glad that is done.

You probably are wondering what this has to do with personal development.

Two things.

The sooner you get your kids off believing in fairy tales the easier your life will be.

The second idea is that as adults we should stop believing in things that are not true.

Most adults still believe in the things that they believed when they were kids. We hold onto the outdated notions. Things that are just not true.

Think of all the things we do just because we always do them or others say we ought to do them:

1) Voting.

2) Obeying every law and regulation.

3) Being concerned about what others think.

4) Watching the news.

5) Reading all the news.

6) Feeling guilty over things you had no part in.

7) Patriotism.

8) Nationalism.

9) Recycling and separating your trash.

9) Being upset over injustices that on closer inspection are not injustices at all.

10) Trying to convince others of your views.

11) Going to all kinds of events that you really do not want to go to.

12) Believing you need to do something first before you can do what you really want to do.

13) Feeling bad if you are not working really hard.

14) Thinking the president or any politician cares about you.

15) Old religious stories.

16) That you have to stay married no matter what.

16) That life should be hard and difficult.

17) That you are not smart enough to start your own business.

Once you eliminate or reduce these beliefs your life will automatically become better and easier.

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