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You want your freedom now, not later. How do you go about that? Don't we have to wait until the President says it is ok or another President get's elected? Don't we have to vote for more freedom? Don't you have to wait for the right time or the right people to do something?

No, all that stupid waiting for others is totally lame. I am about my life and what I can do for my own freedom, happiness and prosperity.

I start with avoiding and getting out of circumstances and situations that restrict your freedom.

Here are the worst offenders to your freedom:

1) Marriage. I talk about how I had to change my thinking on marriage and how I thought about life in general in my book - How to Leave Your Wife. After going through the torment of that I started to see the parallels between a bad marriage and government.

2) Debt and loans. You cannot be free with excessive debt. I think it is hard to be free with any debt at all. I would rather just pay for what I want and need as I go. At a minimum your debt should be something that you can easily handle without a lot of stress and worry.

3) The Military. The military is a lot worse than just being a government employee. In the military you are being paid to kill. You are a hit man. Why anyone would hire a former hit man is beyond me. This type of job is the most restrictive of your freedom ever.

4) Jobs, for the most part. You can start a small internet business. I used Site Build It to make this website and my other website, I am not a computer guy or real technical. I am a civil engineer who works with pencils, paper and a calculator. I never got real good with the computer. But Solo Build It handles all the technical details.

5) Worrying about what other people think. I stayed in my bad marriage much too long, partly because I did not want to rock the boat amongst the family. I cared too much what they thought. All the while my life was going down the toilet.

6) Getting involved in groups. If you think something needs to be done, do it yourself. I avoid groups as much as possible. One person expending massive effort is the most productive force in the world. If you need help to do what you need, hire someone to do it. People are motivated my money. I cannot stand the thought of getting involved in politics, committees or groups of any kind. I know what I want to do and that is what I do.

7) Clutter. My first website concentrated on geting organized and reducing clutter. I have not changed my mind at all on clutter. I find it maddening to deal with too much stuff and every time I get rid of something my life improves.

8) Too many children. I love my two children more than anything, But they do cost a lot to raise. It is your job as their father to pay for every penny to raise them. One or two children gives you all the pleasure, love and enjoyment of children.

9) Permanent housing. Getting a big mortgage to pay for a house that will burden you for decades does not seem like a good idea to me anymore. I have purchased 2 homes. My first home we sold for no real profit. My second house was awarded to my ex-wife in the divorce. Because she refused to go back to work, that house was foreclosed.

10) Investment accounts. IF you have a lot of money, pay off all your debt first. Pay all your bills in advance. Buy gold and silver coins. These things are much simpler than investment accounts.

11) Feeling you have to do anything. Watching your favorite shows or favorite sports team. Going to functions. Attending all the events. Showing up for things.

12) Trying to decide what to do based on what is good for others instead of for you.

These things are not easy to avoid or get out of. Even something as simple as getting clutter-free can be difficult. Getting out of a marriage will be a disaster. Once you are in the military there is no real way to get out until your contract is up.

If you read this before you get involved in any of this, your life can be glorious. Most likely you are reading this because you are already trapped in these things and think you have no way out.

But thinking you are trapped and being trapped are two different things.

You are not a prisoner or in some hole somewhere. You can take steps to get out of these traps and move toward your freedom. And you can do those things today.

What on the list resonates with you as something you can do today to become more free?

Too much clutter? Throw something, anything out.

Too much debt? Write a check to your credit card company, find their address, address your envelope and send it today. You do not have to wait until the bill comes. You can act today.

Is your job making you miserable? Take the steps necessary to get a different job. You can start your new job search today.

This is your life we are talking about. You just start taking your freedom minute by minute and day by day.

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The Best Freedom Book

The classic book by Harry Browne titled How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World may be the the most important book you ever read if you are at all interested in your own freedom. This book will open your eyes to the potential you have within yourself to be free.

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Financial. Job and Time Freedom

Your computer can help you to obtain the freedom you desire. You can use Site Build It to create websites like this one. I am not a real tech guy. Site Build It handles all that. You just create the content and build your business.

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