How to Be Free
Be Ready to Leave

You have to be ready to leave whatever situation or circumstance you are in.

This mindset, and ability of being prepared to leave is crucial to your freedom.

If you cannot easily leave something you are a basically a prisoner and a prisoner is not free.

Without being ready to leave, the actual leaving is, if not impossible, extremely difficult and potentially disastrous. You have to actually think through and do things to prepare. It is not just thinking. Thinking is important. But you also have to be doing.

In the months prior to me leaving my wife, I was getting prepared to leave. I had a suitcase packed and hidden in my office at work. I had some clothes and necessities hidden in my car. I had cash hidden in my car and in my wallet. I had started looking for other places to live. I had a separate bank account. I had a separate credit card.

You will find that once you start this process it just becomes a simple habit that makes your life much easier.

It is not that you cannot enjoy what you are doing now and where you are at now. It is that you are taking steps now to make your future easier and even better.

Be Ready to Leave

Let's start with a few simple ways to be ready to leave:

1. Always park your car in a way that it is easy to get in and leave. I try to situate my car so I do not have to back up that much. This really helps in crowded parking lots. You can avoid accidents much more easily if you are not backing up that much. I never park my car in a way where it is inaccessible anymore. One time I went to a big college football game. The people who live by the stadium let you park in their driveways and lawns for a small parking fee. They pack a lot of cars in a small area. My car was way in the back. When we got back to the car after the game, there were cars in front of my car. There was no way for me to get my car out. I was trapped. We left and came back a few hours later. But what if I had to leave immediately? I will always pay more for a better spot now or park farther away to avoid this type of situation.

2. I keep as much money as I can in my wallet. I try to keep a credit card in my wallet with a lot of credit available. What good does a maxed out credit card do you? You want to save the credit for when you really need it.

3. I keep my car full of gas. As soon as it gets to half full I fill it up. Besides being prepared to leave you are also always ready for bad weather, it is less expensive each time because you are just topping off the tank. It is faster to only need to fill part of a tank. Plus, I have found that the convenience store where I get most of my gas is also the best place to buy milk, eggs, butter, onions, bananas and a few other things. This food is the freshest and the least expensive.

4. I pay my bills as soon as I get them as much as I can. I hate having these lingering bills around. I can leave town for awhile and not have to worry about bills that I owe. I do not have the stress of a pile of bills to pay because there is no pile.

5. I keep my laundry clean. I never have my best clothes not available to wear. I want to be able to put on my favorite clothes and go. I always look good because I always have my best clothes available. I try to throw out clothes as soon as I determine they are not good for me anymore. I want to be ready to leave to see a girl, to travel or to have fun. It is not just about survival, it is about life.

6. I keep enough food, drinks and water in my home to last a number of days. I never want to be forced to go out to get food in an emergency. I want to be able to survive for a number of days if I am at home.

7. I keep well rested. If I lose sleep for whatever reason I make up for it as soon as possible. I want to feel good all the time and be ready for whatever comes up. There will be times where you are up late or up early for good and bad reasons. I am prepared for these times by being well rested most of the time. You do not want to live in a state of chronic exhaustion.

8. I keep hydrated. I want to be feeling good and healthy all the time. I do not want to have the feeling of thirst during a normal day. Water is readily available, so I readily drink it and feel good all the time. If a situation arises where I cannot get water for a period of time, I do not worry about it, I have drank enough already.

9. When I was thinking of leaving my wife I kept a bag packed in my car and a bag packed and hidden at work. I figured the end was near and wanted to be ready. This being ready to leave a bad marriage made the leaving seem like it would happen. If you are in a bad marriage and deep in your heart you know you have to leave, then you prepare and be ready to leave her.

These are all simple things that do not cost that much but prepare you for your own freedom. You cannot rely on the government to take care of you in these simple matters. The government is one of the major causes of your loss of freedom anyway. They steal much of your money from taxes and inflation. They restrict what you do and don't do with regulations. They pass more and more laws that make it harder and harder to be free.

But that does not mean you cannot be free. You decide that you will live free in spite of them and then you do whatever you can to make that your reality.

Being able to leave anything is the critical component of freedom. If you cannot leave your job, how can you be free? If you cannot leave your spouse, how can you be free? If you cannot leave your country, how can you be free?

It is far easier to stay, to not change, than it is to leave.

That is why people will stay in these unbelievably terrible situations long past the point where they should have left.

They have created a prison for themselves.

This is exactly the wrong way to think about it.

When the Hurricane is bearing down on you, do you hope the government will protect you or do you get in your gassed up car and leave.

When your spouse is abusing you, do you hope that she will stop and start being nice to you or do you walk out the door and never look back.

It you cannot stand what you are doing for a living, do you just keep going to work everyday and living with the constant indignity of dealing with a job you hate or do you start the process of looking for other work or doing research into other ways to make a living.

Do you see what I mean how being able to leave is the essence of freedom. You take control of your life. You do not let others decide for you. You decide for you. If other people seem to insist on making decisions for you, if they find ways to manipulate you, you need to put space, distance and time between you and them.

You improve your life by being ready to leave.

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