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What is social freedom? I read about freedom all the time. It consumes a large part of my day. I absolutely love reading about it and trying to get it more and more into my life.

I get angered and enraged over the loss of all our freedom. The constant predations by governments are so frustrating and so maddening. But other than getting mad what can be done about this? What can you really do about government other than try to avoid it?

I am starting to realize what you have to do to experience freedom in your life.

You need to move toward social freedom.

Social freedom is where your life is how you want it. It is where the people in your life that you can voluntarily be with you can not be with if they are not good for you. It is where the aspects of your life that you can control, you do.

I was married to a verbally abusive woman. I was not free at that point in my life. I was basically a slave to her. I walked on eggshells around her. I gave her the vast majority of my money. I certainly gave her all my time. I had to be careful what I said around her and even if I was, she would still get angry with me over something.

She was my government. She was the police, courts and prison system.

My social freedom could only begin after I left her. I was only able to enjoy a measure of freedom after I left her. I was really only able to see the parallel between your personal relationships and governments after going through all this. I am able to see how getting into restrictive relationships can be so damaging to a person.

I am somewhat suspicious of any person who talks about loving freedom and finding out they are married. Being married is a form of bondage. You cannot actually be totally free if you are married.

If you need a piece of paper to live with someone you are not free. If you need the church and state to allow you to be with someone, you are not free. If you cave to the pressure to do this from the one who claims to love you or their family, friends or society, you are not free.

That is the social freedom I am talking about.

Even if your wife is the light of your life, you are not really free.

The reason is that if you want to leave you cannot just leave without going through all types of hurdles.

A free life is one with few hurdles. There is a massive wave of people who seem to spend their entire existence scheming of a way to make your life more difficult. Social freedom is how you avoid as much of that stupid thinking as possible.

Getting out of a marriage is filled with hurdles even if everything goes smoothly.

The only way to easily get out of a marriage is to never be in one.

You become free by realizing that you do not have to spend time with people you do not want to spend time. You do not have to think about people you do not like. You can avoid dealing with people who are hard to deal with. If you do not enjoy spending time with your family don't do that. If your friends bring you down rather than make you happy, stop getting together with them. If where you work is not a great place to work, find a different place to work.

Freedom can be so simple once you think and act this way.

I cannot begin to tell you how much better my life is since I left my wife. To me, she was a tyrant of the worst sort. She made my life a living hell. Now, I still see her and have to deal with her. But she is not a tyrant anymore. She is just a mixed up girl with lots of problems who I just have learned to deal with as best I can.

I do not have that many friends. But the friends I do have I really enjoy and look forward to our times together.

I mostly do things on my own. I do what I do. I take care of my kids who are wonderful. But they are teenagers so there is not a lot for us to do together. I am happy to provide for them and give them a good home. But they have their own lives and are basically living a life of social freedom themselves. They have learned this from me. They learned they had to leave their mother behind if they were to have any kind of a life at all. They learned to stop participating in activities they do not enjoy. They learned to choose their friends wisely.

They have the social freedom early in their young lives.

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