Inspirational Stories
Can Happen to Anyone

Sometimes inspirational stories happen right in front of you to someone you know very well. You see the evidence of people waking up and realizing that they matter right in front of you.

A few years ago my 12 year old daughter decided she did not want to live with her mother anymore. She packed a bag, got on her bike and went to my house.

Her mother followed her in her van and drove right beside her begging and yelling at her not to go.

My daughter went anyway.

She got the key from the hidden spot, went into my apartment and stayed there.

This all happened while I was on a walk.

When I got back from my walk my ex-wife was parked on the street in front of my building. I went up to her and said hello.

I asked if our daughter was using the computer upstairs. I have told her she can come over anytime to use it. They do not have an internet connection at their house.

My ex did not really say anything.

In the meantime, a police car drove up. The female officer got out and said that someone had called them about me. She said someone said I was talking to myself loudly about the end of the world.

I pulled my i-pod out of my pocket and said that I was singing while I walked. I do sing when I feel good and today I felt better than I have felt for a long time. My feet did not hurt and it seemed like my hip exercises that I have been doing have helped me to loosen up. I mean it, I cannot remember feeling so good in decades.

I suppose a person might look at a man like me singing while he was walking as strange.

Firstly, hardly anyone ever walks where I live. I rarely ever see anyone walk. It is unusual to see people out and about. Most people are inside glued to the TV.

Second, I was wearing loose athletic shorts and a white tank top. Most men where I live wear great big baggy, ugly t-shirts.

Third, I am getting a good tan. Most men where I live seem to be either pale or red.

Fourth, I am a large man. I am fairly tall and big with muscles. I look a little unusual.

Usually men in their 40's are small, no muscles, never walking, in ugly clothes, pale and never happy enough to sing.

Not me. I am actively doing what I am telling you on this website.

I am proud of the body I am creating through my efforts. I do not want to live out the rest of my days being pale, sick, flabby, weak, too ashamed to be seen and not even happy enough to sing his favorite songs on one of the most beautiful days of the year.

Can anyone even get that?

Does anyone really think that singing while you walk is a reason to call the police?

Getting back to the police and my ex-wife and my daughters inspirational story.

My ex jumped out of the van to question the police. In her mental state, anything is possible. I told the officer quickly that the woman was my ex-wife, my daughter was probably upstairs on the computer, my ex is under stress because the house is getting foreclosed and she has not taken anything regarding our divorce, the house or life that well in the last 4 years.

The officer said she would talk to my ex-wife after she got my information. She did and said for me to sit in the shade for awhile.

Because of the nature of my ex, the officer called for backup. A few minutes later another officer drove up, talked to me a few minutes and then joined the first officer.

At some point the first officer looked up and saw my daughter's face in the window looking very upset. She said I should go up there.

When I got upstairs I found out that my daughter did not come over for the computer but had left her mother.

She poured out her heart to me over all the problems. It was a heart wrenching because I had gone through all this before and had left my wife but had to leave my daughter with her 4 years ago.

The officer came up to make sure my daughter was ok and then left to finish with my ex.

A little later my ex drove away and the police did also.

This little girl has an inspirational story because she took control of her life. Her mother is not good for her. She can be a great mom at times, but at times she is not.

She decided that she had to leave. She decided that her life matters. She wants to be a little girl and not have to deal with all her mothers problems and drama.

I talk all the time about you needing to save yourself because others just cannot. Even her own father could not help her until she started. You need to make your own inspirational story and seek them out. These stories make you feel so good and you realize that the lesson of most of these inspirational stories is that everyone matters.

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