Military Service
Is a Bad Deal for Men

Being in the military service is a bad deal for anyone. Even if you believe in what you would be doing let's look at the only 4 potential scenarios:

Scenario # 1:

You can get killed.

I know that statistically the number of people killed in military service is low because most of the military is not involved in fighting. But if you are not in the military the chance of you getting killed in this way is zero.

Scenario # 2:

You can get maimed.

This would follow the same logic of being killed. Your chances of being maimed are low. But your chances of being maimed in civilian life are nearly zero. I am always sickened when I see TV shows bragging about the new advances the military has made with artificial limbs. They will be crying over a soldier with an artificial leg. I just see a blight. An expense. A million dollar leg that I have to pay for so the politicians can look good.

Scenario # 3:

You can kill someone else or help the ones doing the killing.

You may not be the one pulling the trigger but you may be directly helping those who do. You will have to live the rest of your life as a hired killer. Can you live with that? Thou shalt not kill seems like a pretty basic idea to me.

Scenario # 4:

You will be fine.

Most people are hoping for this scenario for themselves. The only ones who don's are the ones who like to kill. This is what your military recruiters will talk about, that and how much they do before 9:00 a.m. There is nothing stopping you from doing a lot before 9:00 a.m. yourself. I think that anyone who needs to be pushed to do things is not worth that much anyway. If you need to have someone wake you up, tell you what to do all day, bark orders at you and you have to obey commands to get anything done, then you are not the kind of person I want to be around. You are really nothing more than a machine, a robot. I want to be human. I want to live my life in freedom, in peace, doing what I want to do.


Since there are only 4 scenarios, there is a 25% chance of any of them happening to you. And you have to go into any situation you get into thinking about how this affects you. It is your life after all. It is not the governments, or your families or your Village or your church or anything else. Your life is your life.

The chances of you being fine skyrocket to nearly 100% when you do not join the military. I like those odds for myself.

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