We Have Lived Through
The Apocalypse

We have lived through the apocalypse and we do not even realize it. We just stick our heads in the sand and pretend nothing has happened.

The last 100 years have been the worst 100 years ever on the planet. Anyone who honestly looks at the sheer numbers of mass murder, war, torture and imprisonment will see this.

Two world wars and countless other wars have killed millions of people and destroyed billions of dollars of property. Nazism, communism and dictators have murdered millions of their own people in addition to the carnage of wars.

Even the United State, which is supposed to be the freest country ever, has started numerous pointless wars, imprisoned millions of innocent people, squandered untold amounts of wealth stolen from it's citizens and now is really just a police state on it's way to rivaling the worst of the Nazis and communists.

It is laughable when people get upset about the abuses of the TSA and other government agencies things like that. I hate the TSA and all the agencies but getting upset over that will not help. I mean if the leaders of our country can incinerate a few hundred thousand innocent Japanese people, they are capable of just about anything.

No, any thinking person will see that those of us alive today have lived through the apocalypse. The problem is that most people are not thinking. Unless some jack booted government goons are actually in the process of caving in your skull you will think everything is fine. You have been lulled to sleep by the powers in control. I love how The Daily Bell puts it - the 20th century was a dream time orchestrated by the few in control of the many. Now, with the advent of the internet the some of the many are starting to wake up. I know I have. I hold no hope for government to scale back or even do what is right. To me, everything is wrong.

It will end, the question is when. They are not going to gracefully end it. They will make it as hard on people as possible.

At one time I thought the U.S. could do no wrong. Now it just seems that the U.S. government can do nothing right. Can you honestly say anything they do is good? Name one thing.

I cannot. I believe that it will get a lot worse before it gets better.

Now, what do you do with it?

Do you continue to go down the path of hatred, murder, war, theft, violence and bullying?

Once the governments of today go bankrupt, default on their debts, create hyperinflation and inflict massive tax increases to try to salvage the beast they have created, what do you do about it?

Do you continue to support government and the psychopaths who make it to the top?

Do you wave the flag and hang on every word from the slick liars on TV?

Do you do whatever our President tells us to do?

Do you love our senators and name buildings, bridges, roads and monuments for them?

Do we support the troops, saying they are fighting for our freedom?

Do we meekly give in to their constant and intrusive demands?

Do you never question why they do what they do?

Do you continue to think our vote matters?

Do you think the politicians and bureaucrats have your best interests at heart?

Do you think that they should be regulating every move you make and deciding the way you do everything because they are so much smarter than you are?

Or, do you take another path?

Do you think that you have the right to live your own life in the way that you want and as long as you do not hurt anyone else?

I am taking the other path.

I have zero interest in government solutions.

Not by joining politics or trying to get government to do this and to do that. Not by getting involved in government and begging them to let me have a little bit of freedom.

I am stepping out of the normal path and getting on my own path to freedom.

I believe you need to search out and discover for yourself your own freedom. I want you to realize that you are free by nature and others have stolen it from you and it is up to you to steal it back.

My path to freedom starts with the laptop computer I am writing this on. The personal computer, along with the car and telephone are some of the tools to live free. We will be free by deciding to be so and using whatever tools we need to make it happen.

My path to freedom includes freedom from an oppressive marriage that was draining the life out of me. You cannot hope to be nimble enough to steal your freedom back from the government if your wife is making your life like the apocalypse for you. After all you start with daily freedom and work your way up to a lifetime of freedom.

We will not be free by participating in the murder of brown skinned middle easterners. Why can't they be left alone? I do not care what they do or how they live. The United States has not right to be starting these wars and murdering whoever they want.

This is why I call this The Apocalypse.

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