Freedom Mindset

Freedom is a state of being. I call it the freedom mindset. What I mean is that you have to work on it and toward it like any other state you want to be in. You may want to be in a state of being rich, or being in shape, or being lean, or being muscular, or being enlightened or being in love.

Since freedom is a state, you may not always be in this state. Freedom is not something that is granted to you, it is how you are and what you do. It is a freedom mindset like an in-shape mindset or a rich mindset.

You cannot be rich without doing something or being somewhere so as to cause this.

You cannot be in love without doing something and meeting someone to be this way.

You cannot be in shape without doing the exercising necessary to get this way.

The same with freedom. You cannot be free without the doing of something to be free. You start with the freedom mindset and then you do certain things that make you free and you avoid other things that make you less free.

If freedom is a state you want to be in then you do things and practices and mind work to get this way.

You cannot be in love without meeting the person, making the efforts to cultivate the love and spending time, energy and effort with that person.

You cannot be rich without doing things to make yourself rich. No one is going to make you rich, except perhaps your family, and in that case you have to do things to cultivate their favor.

Being free is just like these things. Being free is something you do and how you live your life. It is your freedom mindset.

It is also possible to go into and out of freedom very often during your lifetime. Just as it is possible to fall into and out of love. Just as it is possible to get rich, lose it all and get rich again or not.

It is like you win the championship this year. This year you are the champion. But what about next year? You will work toward the championship, but it is not guaranteed.

Neither is freedom.

Since getting free and staying free are so hard, you will be tempted to give up. After all, if you were free for a day or a year and then you were not, what is the point?

That is you as a victim talking. That is you giving up. You have to continually work on your freedom mindset.

The point is in the doing it and trying for it and enjoying the trip along the way.

I have had fantastic success with beautiful women a few times. I have had long periods of time with no success at all. If I thought of women like you are thinking of freedom, I would say what was the point of those nights spent with those beautiful, sexy women? Shouldn't I have just stayed home on those nights and never have met them?

To me that argument is ridiculous. Those nights sustain my memories to this day. There is no time when I am not happy to think of those memories.

That is the freedom mindset I am talking about. You get free moment to moment and day to day. You only get free and stay free individually and with the mindset and actions you take. You remember the times you were the most free and these memories drive you forward.

You cannot join groups and causes to try to get free. That is a waste of time. You cannot read about freedom on all the freedom websites and be free.

You cannot read all the abuses of government and think you are free by reading about them.

You become free by the doing of it just as in anything else of value.

Your freedom is a personal thing.

My biggest loss of freedom was being married to a verbally abusive woman. My story is in my book How to Leave Your Wife. My personal story is how I lost my freedom as a man by being married to the wrong woman.

If you are not free in your personal life, you will not be free in all of life.

What difference does it make if the government steals half your retirement money if you are just hoping to die young to escape the wrath and fury of your verbally abusive wife?

How can you be upset about the abuses of the government employees that you have to deal with once in awhile if your wife treats you like garbage on a daily basis?

Why can't you deal with the stupidity of tyrannical bosses for 8 hours a day when the rest of your life is spent with a woman who is 1000 times worse than the worst boss around?

Do you start to see what I mean? You have to be free of the wrong woman first before you can ever hope to be free.

You cannot walk this beautiful planet as a free man if you are afraid of your wife. It is not possible. It will not happen. The relationship of your marriage will make or break you.

If you are in a great marriage you will understand what I mean. Truthfully I am extremely jealous of men who have these great women in their lives. I myself have not had that. I thought I was when I got married, but it did not happen that way.

Freedom for yourself, first, last and always. The world cannot be free because there are too many people who crave power over others. When you think that by joining groups and causes you will be free, they have won.

You are free by what you do in your life.

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