Protect Yourself
You are a Man
Aren't You?

Just protect yourself already. As a man, if you need someone to protect you, you are not really the man you want to be.

Think of it this way. Who really are the only ones who need protecting? Babies, children, women, the elderly and men who are not all there mentally. You do not want to let yourself fall this far.

As a man, you do the protecting, especially of yourself and let other men do the same.

Since protecting yourself is really hard it is critical to not let yourself be in a position of continually having to protect yourself. That kind of life is too exhausting to be rewarding.

You just need to maintain an independence from others. You work with others but you can go long periods without needing anything.

This is why a critical component of your personal development needs to focus on your own strength and abilities.

Develop your strength from weight training, sports and physical work.

Develop your endurance with sprinting, walking and other forms or exercise both mild and intense.

Develop your ability to protect yourself by becoming stronger and training with martial arts, street fighting and knowledge of weapons.

Buy guns, ammunition and learn how to use them.

Every step you make toward being able to protect yourself will make you stronger, more confident and able to deal with whatever life throws at you.

Maintain your financial independence by avoiding bad debt, having reserves of cash and other supplies.

Develop self reliance. Study and learn security products and methods. If you are in a relationship that is holding you back from doing whatever it is you need to do, you have to end it.

A lot of married men are, sadly, pretty useless for all of this. Single men too get in this rut.

You see this all the time. Men who are soft and flabby. Men who are pale and weak. Men who get tired easily. Men who are too tired to even enjoy some wild partying. Men who are too weak to do anything but tap on a keyboard. Men who cannot do anything physical at all.

If you are soft, flabby, pale and weak, you will not be able to survive that well when the bad times come.

You have to be able to live without the normal comforts for awhile. You have to be able survive.

You may think being in the sun is just about getting a tan to look better but it is more than that. You develop the ability to be outside for long periods of time without sunscreen by doing it. What happens to you if you are stranded outside in the hot sun with no way to cover yourself? Wouldn't you have rather built up your tolerance over time?

You may think that being strong is not that important if your job does not require it. But I am not talking about your job. I am talking about your life and your ability to survive and thrive. Besides, being strong is more attractive to women. And it feels good to be a very strong man. You will feel better and more confident.

Men's role as a family protector has been stripped away by the powers that be. It is up to you to take that role back.

You may have to start by taking back that role from a nagging, demanding wife, who by making your life miserable, makes doing anything of value nearly impossible. You may have to leave her to get your life back and heal.

My wife kept me exhausted with her demands for work around the house and that I stay up late working with her even though I had to get up for work very early. I never felt good with this constant lack of sleep. I grew more and more exhausted over the years. I ate more and more junk food over time to stay awake at work.

I rarely was outside. I never built up any tolerance to the sun. I just would get red if I spent any time outside.

Instead of a well-rested, healthy man who is strong, fit and able to handle many things, your life is not your own.

The better lifestyle to try to get to is that you should be able to spend part of the day in intense mind work, part of the day in intense physical work, part of the evening drinking heavily and the rest of the evening in wild sex. Then you wake up and do it all again. This type of life, besides being a lot of fun, is a great way to protect yourself.

This is not the way it is for most men. You may be able do one or two of those things, but never all four.

The typical man does not even look like a man. The typical man cannot even have 4 beers without getting tired. The typical man is white and pale. The typical man is flabby and weak. The typical man has thin, weak legs and thin weak arms. The typical man is either thin with no muscles or thin with a big flabby gut.

The typical man cannot spend a full day outside working very hard. Most men today are only good for light office work. And not very much of that either.

This used to be me. I have spent decades working at a desk doing engineering work. My mind is strong for this work but my body suffered for it.

Now, the type of engineering I do is not much in demand. I have been filling in my time with outdoor surveying work. This work is very hard outdoor work. You are outside all day in whatever weather except rain. Rain will ruin the electronic equipment. I have worked outside in 90 degree humidity and zero degree cold and everything in between.

Now that I know I can handle it it feels good.

I think it is good for a man to be able to handle this type of work every once in awhile. You never know when you might have to.

You need to think about how you can best protect yourself and prepare for that however you can. And think like that and do that the rest of your life. Forget about getting protection from the police and governments. They are more likely to hurt you than anyone else anyway.

If you do not have a chance to work outside you could mimic the effect by spending most of a weekend day engaged in strenuous work or even play.

You could play two rounds of golf in a day. You could hike all day. You could hunt all day. You could work in the yard all day.

You can learn self defense with the Street Fighting Guide You don't have to be a victim.

Any of these activities, if done long enough, will train you to be able to handle a long day of work.

The important thing to do is just get busy doing man stuff so you can handle whatever comes up if you need to, including the ability to protect yourself.

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