Reasons Not To Join Military

As if there were not enough reasons not to join military, here is another - Troops remains dumped in Landfill (, article 2011/12/08).  Can you believe the callous disregard for those soldiers? I mean, our masters just think of soldiers as trash.

This type of thinking of human beings as trash is just another reason to avoid joining the military. Your masters do not care about you. If they cared you would not be thrown out with the trash.

You have to look at what the masters do, not what they say. They say that they respect the troops, but what they do is throw out your remains with the trash.

Your own freedom and enjoyment of life is the most important thing in the world to you. You are not here to sacrifice and to give up your life defending the politicians. You are here to live your own life as you see fit.

I am constantly railing against the government interference we all face and against people joining the military to be hired killers. To me it is apparent that the military is here to serve the interests of the elites and top classes of the government. It is not to protect you and me no matter how often you hear this lame saying parroted over and over.

But there are also other reasons to avoid joining in the military.

Reason Not to Join Military

There are only 4 things that can happen to you when you are in the military and 3 of them are bad. Here they are -

1) You can be killed. This does not seem like a very good deal to me. I do not want to get killed for no reason. The people you are trying to kill are trying to kill you back, why wouldn't they? What makes you think you will not be killed. The chances of you being killed are super high. It makes no sense to go into a killing zone and not expect to die.

2) You can get maimed. Having your legs blown off and living like that seems like such a pointless waste. Now you are just a burden on the rest of us. Why any young person would want to end up in a wheelchair or fake legs is just beyond my comprehension.

3) You can kill someone. Thou shalt not kill seems like a pretty simple rule that is easy to follow. How do you know who you are killing needs to be killed anyway? Aren't you just a hired killer when you kill who you are told to kill? Can you live with that? Most decent people can't. That is why the world is filled with soldiers with the broken lives. That is why there is so many drug problems, alcohol problems and obesity problems among the veterans. That is why there are so many suicides. Do something of value instead of being a hired killer. I always get sick when I see a story or how innocent women and children were killed. I mean that is sick, but the implication is that the men who were killed were not innocent. Just because you are a man does not mean you deserve to die.

4) You can be fine. This is what most people want. But you only have a 25 % chance of that happening.

Can you picture that? You have a 75% chance of something terrible happening to you the moment you sign up. The odds are stacked against you. These reasons not to join military are so simple that even the stupidest person can understand them.

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